Taurus Infotek

Date:   Thursday , December 04, 2014

Taurus Infotek is an Immigration consultancy operating from Pune, India. Pune is a large city having a large number of skilled persons interested in migrating to U.S., Australia, Canada, UK and other countries. The company is mainly doing immigration related work for these countries.

Major points faced with respect to Immigration

1. Rules keep changing
2. No proper documentation
3. Clients are not well prepared
4. Visa officer are ruthless in implementing the regulations. No excuse for small mistakes
5. Limited positions available for immigration
6. Poor English skills
7. Unauthorized and dishonest agents

Solutions & Services

1. Taurus\'s President is a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and Australian migration department has given him offshore agent id. He has also passed the migration institute of Australia\'s examination about migration law.
2. The company is very careful about the documentation which is handled by a dedicated team and every case is properly scrutinized before submission.
3. From the very beginning, the company advises on all important parameters and always makes sure that clients are doing it properly.
4. Taurus is implementing a unique three level inspection to avoid any error.
5. The company is very careful about taking clients because only those who are having all the right qualifications and experience will be succeeding.
6. Taurus has their own IELTS training institute with highly qualified coaches.
7. Honesty and transparency are cornerstones of the consultancy.

Differentiating Factors

1. The company is authorized to represent Canada and Australia.
2. Taurus has more than 12 year of successful track record in this field.
3. The company maintains transparency in their dealings. The fee details are clearly mentioned in the website.
4. The consultancy operates only from one location but have clients from all major cities in India and also from abroad.
5. Taurus provides a superior service quality.
6. The company has a very flexible policy towards the fees. For deserving clients, they start with a token payment of rupee one also. There is no interest charged on delayed process fee payment.


1. The company has helped thousands of clients settle in various countries.
2. Taurus has more than 300 recommendations on their LinkedIn profile. That is a record for the profession of migration consultant.
3. The prestigious UK based company Acquisition International has awarded Taurus the Migration visa consultant of the year 2014 award in August 2014.


Taurus plans to focus more on investment based immigration like EB5 visa for U.S. They are also keen on business related immigration and also entrepreneurship related migration visa.