SalesBabu CRM: World Class on - Demand CRM Solution from India

Date:   Sunday , December 08, 2013

On-demand CRM is getting popular and organizations are taking advantage of cloud solutions, especially in SME segments which are emerging markets for CRM. However, where, other existing CRM softwares were tuned more towards the Western market working style; SalesBabu has come up with CRM Solution which is highly Flexible & Robust and can fit to all sizes. It addresses the Global requirement along with great adoptability to suit the Indian customers’ needs.

The Indian CRM market is expected to grow to $179 million by 2014 according to different research firms; it is also further noted that this segment of the industry is growing at an annual rate of around 30 percent and is highly fragmented. In a growing economy, growth of affluent customers will make CRM a critical strategy. Positioned to tap into this rich potential and meet the urgent need; SalesBabu Business Solutions Pvt ltd, headquartered in Bangalore, India, started operations in 2008 with equipped skills, manpower and infrastructure to cater to the evolving biosphere of the CRM industry in India. SalesBabu’s team comprises of a unique blend of expertise ranging from CRM, Sales consultancy, process optimization and customer support backed by a strong R&D team in order to help in developing a customer centric CRM solution for the Indian customers and abroad as well. Apart from New Customer Acquisition, SalesBabu is also highly focused on the implementation of CRM particularly on the cloud. It has premium, on-demand CRM service offerings which have a demand on the scale of a pan India presence catering to customers globally.

The Industry Catalyst

SalesBabu has come up with its flagship product SalesBabu CRM software which is a well researched, well developed, cost effective enterprise suite which is specifically intended to target the growing and potential SME segment. The CRM solution helps solve business and operational challenges that customers face and removes inefficiencies in the process. The product not only takes care of day to day business transactions, monitors sales force activities, manages quotations so on and so forth, but also provides in depth analysis, alerts, reminders and reports. It helps in enhancing the efficiency of the sales team at all level, executive to manager to general manager & directors. The SalesBabu CRM solution enables organizations to automate all their critical business information; thus, achieving tremendous increase in business productivity and reduce costs to develop effective sales & marketing and customer service strategies.

\"The enterprise has managed to solely build its software applications completely from scratch; thus making it one of the most powerful and dynamic remote hosted CRM, ERP, MedSFA, payroll and Service Management solutions available in the business market today,\" says Shashi Saurav, Director Sales and Business Development, SalesBabu.Com.

In a time when India was not fully ready for this segment of the market namely SaaS (Software As A Service) and On Demand applications from Enterprise Software point of view; SalesBabu, had built its products and services from scratch and over time won over a majority of customers from metros & tier 1 cities. SalesBabu also has customers in tier 2 cities like Madurai, Nagpur, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Ludhiana, Indore, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Guwahati and other cities; the Demand for CRM, the enterprise shows dominance in the Indian market; thus, rightly earning the pole position in India\'s CRM space. In very short span of time, SalesBabu CRM is also giving strong & fierce competition to players like and Zoho CRM, which offer CRM services on the cloud as well.

Macro Perspective

In dealing with a macro view, the company provides an on-demand integrated suite of solution which include, as mentioned the SalesBabu CRM which is a CRM suite for different verticals like B2B, B2C, Retail & FMCG, Franchise management, Travel, Education, Real Estate, Trading, Manufacturing, Pharma and other diverse verticals. They further enact customer support & service management, inventory management, accounts which is particularly online accounting software and lastly, payroll which includes HR & payroll software.

In an industry where various management and teams are not getting full visibility across sales process; there is an increased difficulty in identifying early sales closures & cross selling opportunities. There is inaccurate forecasting and teams are spending too much time on non-selling activities and inefficient customer handling leading to lower sales conversion and lower customer satisfaction. In turn, SalesBabu CRM helps automate & streamline the full sales & customer interaction process leading to greater visibility and 360° customer view. The solution helps capture all interaction with the customer and better collaboration between team members increasing faster & more sales closure and better customer handling leading to increased customer satisfaction. The solution decreases inefficiencies and provides the team with timely and full insight.

Being a notch better than the rest, required the organization to consistently be customer centric, providing quality service to customers, successful & faster implementation based on customer\'s requirement and pain points. CRM implementation is critical for an organization\'s success and that\'s where SalesBabu adds value, having a strong implementation & after sales support team spending a lot of time with the customer and help in understanding their requirement, process and pain areas. Their CRM implementation is focused towards addressing and providing user friendly approaches to ease the effective solution.

As competition intensifies, innovation and quality service are keys to being ahead. Therefore, SalesBabu intends on being a customer centric company focusing on Voice of Customer (VOC) in driving drives all innovation and development within the organization.

Miles to Go

The self funded company, headquartered at Bangalore, with a regional office in Delhi/NCR foresees traction in verticals like hospitality/service, manufacturing, logistics, finance, real estate and Retail & FMCG. SalesBabu is in the process of building strong channel partners to cater to growing customer demand in order to reach out to more geographical locations with them in providing local support to customers. The team, backed by strong R&D is working aggressively to bring innovative solutions to customers through their customer centric CRM solution.