Searce: Futurifying Businesses by Leveraging Cloud

Date:   Wednesday , March 30, 2016

World\'s perception about \'Cloud\' has evolved significantly over the last few years. From just a \'cool thing\' to do, Cloud is now emerging to be a \'must-do now\' on every C-level priorities. From the earlier stance of \'questioning the need to go to Cloud\', almost every CIO is now interested in refining their \'go-to cloud roadmap\'.

Total spend on public cloud services will touch $318 billion by 2019, growing at 15.6 percent CAGR from 2014 through 2019. Total public cloud service market in India is expected to be $1.9 billion by 2019. In 2015, the worldwide market for SaaS software application sales was $31.4 billion, with projections growing close to double that - to $61.1 billion by 2019. This is really changing the way businesses have traditionally looked at IT.

Knowing Searce

Searce, a top partner for Google in India, is one of the fastest growing cloud solutions company. It delivers Technology led Business Process Improvement, Transformation & Automation. Searce has delivered business process improvement leveraging cloud & analytics for over 900 customers, including the largest as well as the fastest growing tech startups in India. Searce\'s customer base includes some of the largest names in e-Commerce, taxi & food tech, technology, retail, manufacturing, pharma, logistics and almost every industry.

Searce has a 400+ people delivery center based out of Pune and has cloud solutions consulting presence in all large cities including Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad & Rajkot. Searce partners with world\'s leading SaaS and Cloud players including Google and helps drive technology led business transformation strategy for customers.

Future of Cloud

\"We have transitioned from industrial era to computer era to internet era, and now is the \'on-demand services\' era. Industry cycles are shrinking and what used to take a couple of decades to disrupt industries, is taking just 4-5 years; and we are just getting started.

Uber-ification of everything is happening at a pace we never imagined possible. The on-demand services are growing rapidly - press a button and instantiate the software you need, use it till you need and pay only for that period. Companies like Uber & Ola are disrupting not only the transportation industry but also the automobile industry. It\'s up to the businesses to decide if they want to be a \'disruptee\' or a \'disrupter!\' If businesses are not willing to transform quickly, they might be disrupted quicker than imagined,\" replies Hardik Parekh, Founder & CEO, Searce when asked to share his view on cloud.

Is Transformation easy?

When asked about how easy or difficult it is for companies to transform, Dinesh, Cloud Business Head, Searce responds, \"Transformation is difficult until the pain of maintaining \'status quo\' eventually outweighs the pain of changing. Transformation requires CEO and executive sponsorship. Business process transformation is not mere improvement of process or technology - it requires a change in the cultural fabric to do things fundamentally differently. We believe this will be absolutely necessary to future proof your business and get ready for 2020\".

Un-work at Searce

With a strong belief that \'Best Practices are Overrated\', Searce assembles a small but highly empowered team of top performing engineers and geeks who work to identify better ways of doing things. It creates engaging software products & delivers high performance outcome.

The company adheres to its vision - \'To Improve, Transform & Automate world\'s business processes to make work better\'. With a track record spanning a decade long, Searce has been furthering this vision by helping the most innovative companies of India in transforming & automating business processes and the large traditional companies in their technology led business transformation strategy.

Moving to Cloud \'does not equal to\' Business Transformation

Vamsi Krishna - Head of Cloud Solutions Engineering, Searce, says, \"Moving to cloud is just like changing your address from one location to the other. It will not transform things. Business Process Improvement & Transformation is more serious long term objective and we are the only company in the Cloud ecosystem in India that truly works with the customers in their transformation journey\".

As a company, which is born in Cloud, Searce has truly SaaS-ified and moved all of its internal business processes to the Cloud. The company\'s business strategy is to promote only the products that it uses internally. Hence, Searce keeps them honest to its word while promoting something.

Searce\'s work methodology is to truly partner with companies for long term business process transformation & automation. Its business process improvement analysts are deployed on-site on multi-year engagements to drive a different way of doing things. Hardik adds, \"Our work begins after implementing an appropriate solution; we ensure adoption and drive true business process improvement as per the evolving business needs. We are the technology led process transformation & automation specialists. Period\".

Searce\'s solution advisory & cloud strategy consulting identifies and customizes the appropriate SaaS platform that works for the specific need. Besides using the innovation workshops with C-level to identify impactful opportunities, the company also SaaS-ifies organizations by migrating applications running on local legacy infrastructure to cloud and through re-engineering traditional processes to SaaS platform. Searce renders a remarkable Cloud Engineering Service that administers everything from product ideation to custom solutions design, and its approach on Cloud assessment helps in identifying application that can be migrated to the cloud without re-engineering. Anup - Head of Customer Success, Searce, adds \"Referrals from existing customers bring Searce over 90 percent of our new business for a reason\".

Searce\'s customer base consists of new age technology startups like Flipkart, Freecharge, Quikr, OLA, Myntra and more, as well as enterprises like Titan, Welspun and ZEE Entertainment amongst others. The company has led several engagements in the technology-led process improvement space by partnering with top cloud solutions which include Google Cloud Platform,Google Apps, Chromebooks,HappierWork,Happierhr,Freshdesk and Bettercloud among others.

Building Innovative Solutions

Searce\'s tech business unit has a one-line objective \'Simplify, saas-ify & automate processes on cloud to make businesses better\'. Ekta, Director of Engineering, Searce, states, \"Our mantra is: Design passionately. Innovate rapidly. Futurify businesses. For example, we are not in the business of selling hiring software. We are in the business of improving, transforming & automating a part of the hiring process\". Happierhr is a People Analytics SaaS platform that transforms recruitment process for users of Google Apps Cloud Office. Ekta adds, \"Yesterday\'s businesses were about 1,000 people teams with three years of development cycles. Today the emphasis is on ideas, agility & innovation. Technology solutions of today will need to learn on their own & connect the dots, which is what HappierWork does\".

Humble Beginnings

Searce began its journey in 2004 out of a small one bedroom apartment at Pune. Speeding its way to top, the company has been featured as one of the fastest growing companies on Inc. 5000 couple of times in a row. In 2013, Searce strengthened its cloud & analytics solutions portfolio through a couple of inorganic expansions over the past three years - Consularis, a Google technology-led cloud services company based out of Mumbai, and Megha IT Consulting - a Chennai based Cloud solutions consulting company to name a few.

The company has spread across India and overall presence in nine cities globally. Moved beyond startup challenges, today the rapidly growing company has been tackling growth-related challenges such as how to recruit the right people to grow threefold next year. Hardik Parekh, CEO, Searce Inc, aptly portrays this journey as an exhilarating rollercoaster ride.

Nurturing the Culture of Experimentation

One of the unique items discovered while meeting folks at Searce was the culture of experimentation. Everybody is encouraged to experiment, fail, learn and grow fast. This has been possible with an extremely flat hierarchy and significant sense of responsibility & ownership in highly passionate individuals. The 500+ highly empowered Searceians work in small but highly empowered teams, where mistakes are encouraged, experimentation is required and passion is rewarded. The company retains the best brains by making them partners in the success, not to mention its continuous feedback culture. The company maintains a straight-talk culture and people\'s priorities are clear: Customer > Company > Team > Individual.

What\'s Next for Searce?

Searce plans to grow by 100 percent annually for the next four years. In order to scale, the company is reengineering its people processes and bringing in more transparent performance management culture. Besides its expansion initiatives in U.S., the company also anticipates expanding its presence in UK & rest of Europe in the coming years. \"We are creating several regional hubs at strategic locations by empowering leaders to drive their regional P & L. Searce is positioning itself to be the most trusted cloud solutions integrator that delivers business process improvement & transformation\", says Hardik.

The company plans to make strategic investments in people at senior level, and indicates inorganic growth on the cards. Searce is aggressively working towards emerging as a preferred technology led transformation partner in the India,U.S. & UK markets. Judging by its indomitable offerings,vast experience and laudable work culture,this doesn\'t seem like a distant goal.

Key Management:

Hardik Parekh, CEO
Besides his significant prowess in front-loading information, Hardik shines as a natural design-thinker, who valiantly discovers new domains and achieves expertise in the same. Entirely meticulous, spontaneous, dedicated and observant, Hardik is the energy-core that powers Searce.

Vamsi Krishna, Head - Cloud Solutions Engineering
Co-founded Consularis with Dinesh, Vamsi is fondly called as the guru of project implementation, who leverages 10 years of experience to engineer the best-fit solution to any complex IT problem.

Offices: Established its roots in Pune (Headquarter) as Searce Logistics Analytics LLP, the company has spread out its branches across Houston (U.S.), Mumbai, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, and Bengaluru as Searce Cosourcing Services Pvt. Ltd.

Clients: Flipkart, Titan, Hiranandani, Forbes Marshall, Prestige, Bombay Dyeing, D-mart, Emco, Quikr, Freecharge, Faasos, Commonfloor, Housing and CEVA Logistics to name a few


Logistics Analytics: Rating, Billing & AR Analytics, AP Analytics, BD & Account Management and Operations Support

Cloud Solutions: Cloud Advisory, Cloud Engineering, Cloud Management and Cloud Product Engineering

Technology Solutions: Consult, Implement, Improve, Create and Transform