Knowledge Capital Services: Elevating the Benchmark of Indian Businesses up to Global Standards

Date:   Friday , September 05, 2014

It is not surprising that Indian startups are deepening its roots in U.S. startup space, despite of new chauvinistic U.S immigrant laws. It is mainly because we are taught that knowledge is the most indestructible asset and it should be improved constantly irrespective of age. Whilst Indians in foreign countries are glowing, Indians here don\'t have a proper outflow to feed their hunger for knowledge. To unfurl the utmost potential of each employee in the Indian organization, Knowledge Capital Services (KCapital), a high-end event management company, goes halfway around the world to bring knowledge that is best in both worlds.

The Mumbai headquartered company enables Indian businesses to setup a corporate strategy that would engage, retain and maximize performance of every employee in the organization with business workshops & management conferences. KCapital was founded by Raghu Potini, who also founded EGen Solutions in Chicago a decade ago. Raghu took his EGen team to a management program of Verne Harnish, where they attained tremendous value that brought multifold growth to his business. Raghu yearned to share that deep meaningful impact with fellow Indian companies, hence founded KCapital in 2006.

Making World a Global Village

As the world is shrinking into a global village, KCapital pursues and brings world-renowned speakers including Marshall Goldsmith, Neil Rackham, Hermon Simon, Jack Daly and Robin Sharma; thereby elevating the benchmark of Indian companies to global level. These management science geniuses radically improve business performance with cutting-edge tools & frameworks that are practical enough to get implemented right from next Monday.

KCapital not just brings the top-experts of our time in person, but also grants one-on-one access to them, where one can shapeup the best strategy in 30 minutes. Unlike other event management firms who cost a fortune for such private sessions, KCapital does not charge anything extra for the session. Intimate setting of KCapital\'s conference rooms allows networking which enables one to brainstorm with peers.

Amidst other companies who can hardly host two programs per year, KCapital is consistent enough to bring one solid program every quarter. Their consistency has been rewarded with a loyal customer base who acts as KCapital\'s advocates. About 40 percent of the registration is occupied by repeated & loyal customers, since every program is different in terms of topic and faculty. KCapital is exceptionally thoughtful in choosing the faculty and topic based on market needs. As their illustrious journey has been flowered with a wide net of topnotch customers in India, accessibility to companies is not thorny for KCapital\'s marketing arm.

The Making of Indian Giants

Driven by the pure confidence of bringing the best program in the world, the company instigated their first program \'The Making of Indian Giants\' with Verne Harnish, Raghu\'s biggest inspiration and valuable mentor. The program trumpeted KCapital\'s success all over India. The company takes pride in hosting such hugely successful events; that actually has transformed their clients into Giants. More than their victory, KCapital is happy for the successful implementation of their workshop that has benefitted countless clients including Pangea3, Ashiana Housing & Finance (I) Ltd, Benetton India and QuEST Global and treasures their heartwarming feedback. \"It has been a fantastic journey, since we got the chance to have top talk leaders as our faculty and great Indian business leaders as our customers,\" says Raghu Potini, CEO, Knowledge Capital Services.

While Raghu does a wonderful job in selecting faculty and researching topics after a deep interaction with customers, KCapital\'s brilliant and passionate marketing & technology team takes care of the rest to fire up the conference. Though the company receives great response while hosting well-known leaders, they find it a little challenging to convince customers whilst hosting a faculty with deep expertise yet unfamiliar in India. Though 90 percent of the time, KCapital conceives and delivers entire conference, they also offer their marketing expertise to aid companies already having faculty partnership.

KCapital also offers customized enterprise management solution & crowd intelligent solution. With personnel at onshore & offshore, KCapital recruits brightest talent and provides cost-effective hybrid rates. The company is keen on bringing technologies like webcast into conference business. KCapital plans to host \'Future of Marketing\' on 18th of November this year where two renowned marketing leaders Philip Kotler & Nirmalya Kumar will both be on one stage. KCapital is keen on making a difference in Indian businesses with more life-altering events in the future while helping Indian businesses go global.