Quest Informatics: Your Aftermarket Specialist

Date:   Wednesday , January 28, 2015

Tough Market conditions have made companies to focus on increasing Aftermarket Revenues, apart from revenue through parts sales, service and reorders. Thus the need to look for Aftermarket software tools. Even though several systems were deployed at a Global Engineering gaint, the retail side of Aftermarket was not adequately addressed. Its service management was facing challenges in managing customers call-registration & monitoring, field service force management, field equipment management, pro-active services and more. Quest Informatics, the integrated Aftermarket company\'s FSM (Field Service Management) was a silver bullet to above challenges. Now, that Global Engineering gaint boasts round-the-clock service desk availability.

Established in 1992, Quest Informatics services assisting clients in implementing a wide range of IT initiatives that includes software applications and data enabling. The company is delivering best values through time & cost efficient quality processes. Quest has emerged as a niche player by providing a gamut of products that includes FSM, Aftermarket ERP, Electronic Parts Catalogue, Support Desk, Remanufacturing, Customer Service Agreement, Training Portal, and Bay Management Systems. It also offers comprehensive engineering services right from catalogue services to service information and from parts help desk management & associated services to customized software development.

\"Our clients want us to improve their Aftermarket service revenue and enhance their customer satisfaction. Many of our clients are competing in mature segments where the margin of new sales is reducing and they do not have sufficient systems and process to generate additional revenue from Aftermarket services. They all are impressed with our USPs like deep domain knowledge and impeccable implementation record,\" says Rudresh S Basavarajappa, CEO & Chairman, Quest Informatics.

Thus, Quest Informatics leaves no stone unturned and builds a competitive advantage with its wide offering and depth of Aftermarket process including multi-country and multi-currency operations. Today, the brand stands out of the crowd for professionalism, deep experience and customer centricity as the only integrated Aftermarket Company.

Unlike its competitors, Quest\'s products are not designed to entice the customer with some basic product and penalize the customer for customization, but engulf and evolve their process at the earliest. The two aspects of putting customer interest before Quest and ensuring their recommendation are neutral and agnostic has created the brand called Quest Informatics in the market. To stay on the top, Quest Informatics many a times has uncovered and suggested solutions that brought huge savings and sustainable solutions to its clients. \"What all our clients vouch for and the very reason they recommend us to others in the market is simply by our approach of going that extra mile. Whether it is in Aftermarket consulting or process implementation or product deployment, we go beyond the short-term and our-gain only view,\" says Satheesh Srinivasa, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Quest Informatics. Therefore, the brand Quest signifies long term relationships, on-time consistent and quality delivery.

The Unique Marketing Strategy

Quest\'s marketing strategy is more credibility and experience led than PR led. The marketing strategy is not to splurge money to create noise in the market but to inform, educate and influence customers by sharing with them their unparalleled insights gained over years by working with Fortune Global 500 Companies & SMEs. We actively engage with industry associations, think tanks and policy groups so that our knowledge is available to public at large. Thus, as an industry expert, the brand stands for unmatched Aftermarket knowledge, high commitment, integrity and continuous innovation to offer the best value to customers. In terms of growth, the company throughout its 14 years of operation has grown phenomenally year-on-year with respect to sales, new project acquisition and employee acquisition.

Quest Informatics: The Best Place to Work

Attracting and retaining talent are very crucial for any organization. Thus, Quest Informatics attracts best talent not just by paying hefty packages but also through its 3Cs (Credibility, Culture & Compassion). It gives opportunity to people who are open to learning from doing & extend their capabilities by taking newer challenges. To attract fresh engineering talent, the company has created an university type program aptly titled \'Quest Informatics Fellowship\', which is a 3-year program where fresh engineers are taught on the nuances of programming, exposed to Aftermarket domain and offered opportunities to develop modules and product themselves.Thus, the employer brand signifies unlimited scope for learning by doing, reward initiatives and ownerships, and continuous knowledge transfer by mentoring and guidance at all levels.

Market Leader who is never complacent

Quest to add continuous value to customers, has made Quest Informatics a non-complacent company. Quest Informatics made its products available on multiple devices and incorporated technologies like RFID, GPS, Mobile & SMS integration. The company is increasing its Global footprint by working through partners and also directly in markets including Middle East, Arica, Europe and North America.


Key Management:

Rudresh S Basavarajappa, CEO & Chairman

Rudresh, with over two decades of designing appropriate IT systems, process and procedures, he has impacted the performance and working of many Fortune Global 500 companies in Automotive, Construction and Heavy Equipment industries. He was instrumental in conceptualizing, designing and rolling out an enterprise class Aftermarket system covering multiple geographies with European HQ.

At Quest, he heads operations in Engineering Services, Software Solutions and Pre-Sales departments.

Satheesh Srinivasa, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Satheesh leads the strategic and corporate initiatives leading to long-term growth, profitability and industry leadership of the organization. He drives strategy, execution and managerial excellence across Business Development, Marketing, Finance & Accounts, Legal, Human Resource, Purchase & Administration departments.


After Market ERP, Field Service Management (FSM), Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC), Bay Management System (BMS), Re-Manufacturing (REMAN), Support Desk Application (SDA), Customer Service Agreement (CSA), Float Management System (FMS), Rental and Re-marketing System, Warranty Management System (WMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Vendor Management System (VMS) and e-Learning Portal


Parts e-Catalogue, technical publication, service/parts help desk and customized software development

Aftermarket Consulting:

Dealer audit, process improvement, revenue leakages & operations improvement, warranty costs management & parts and service benchmarking

Office:Bengaluru, India