Threshold Software - Citius, Altius, Fortius

Date:   Wednesday , May 05, 2010

When Australia based online PCs retailing company wanted to deploy a real time transaction system integrated with their existing ERP for better performance and security, cost was their predominant concern. At this juncture, the company approached Threshold Software. And by using the single license integrating solution from Threshold, Client was able to achieve a cost saving of 5000 active business licenses from their existing ERP.

Threshold Software Solutions aims to deliver stronger (Citius) solutions with higher (Altius) qualities at a faster (Fortius) pace. Founded in 2006 by a bunch of childhood friends who gave up their MNC jobs in order to pursue their passion, today, Threshold specializes in ERP integration solutions, application development, SAAS based solutions and cloud hosting. “Since we are a tech generation graduates, we apparently have chosen the most happening space; Web 2.0 as our business arena and later extended our portfolio to ERP applications too. We appreciate the encouragement, co-operation and support from our family and friends in living this dream,” says Bharath Kumar B, Chief Executive and Co-founder of Threshold Software.

Bharath, who is a Computer Systems engineer, had worked with technology majors like IBM and Infosys, before donning the entrepreneur role. “The stint provided me a chance to be exposed to ERP, succeeding in delivering objective results had boosted my chances to transform to independent responsibilities for various deliverables and client interactions,” he recaps.

The company has implemented an intrinsic design of three pronged business paradigm. The crux of the model is driven by delivering IT services from development, maintenance and hosting. Secondly, it leverages the channel partnership and SBA’s of mid-sized companies. “We forage with our approach, application and acumen for growing business demands and latest technology offerings to stay ahead,” Bharath explains.

The third business strategy is the consultancy service that the company provides for startups to grow, Threshold incubates various business initiatives to succeed, where ideas are nurtured to successful independent businesses. The company has so far empowered 42 startups across the globe.

Initially to cope up with the competition is not walk in the park for a startup; to reinforce all its resources to stay competitive and that the success and satisfaction of its clients and customer groups is the real USP to claim. The Chief Executive opines that, “For us competition isn’t always about managing our reputation and getting recognized, but is about being resilient and being driven by business acumen and creativity.” Over the years, Threshold has also been collaborated with various technological firms globally to bring out better than the best of products for its clients.

The flagship products of Threshold are the ERP integrator, which allows stake holders to access ERP over internet and mobile securely and CLE, a multidimensional learning management system. “We are focused to cater our services to internet based businesses especially startups in the education, energy and automobile verticals,” strategizes Bharath.

For instance, the company joined hands with Quadrasoft, an ERP solutions provider in the real estate domain to roll out customized services as tools. Bharath shares “Working in collaboration with Quadrasoft we have created a successful ‘service delivery grid’ to deploy applications and strategic tools to track and support the customer needs at minimal cost”.

Apart from its business focus, Threshold also initiated a socio-political campaign portal to facilitate voters with information about election and candidates online, “An effort to bring in more transparency to the democratic systems,” Bharath aspires. The portal proved successful to the company when deployed in recent Andhra Pradesh Assembly Election and the Hyderabad Municipal Election. “We reached out to over six lakh voters in 45 days and we aim to reach out to the whole country by 2014,” he quotes. Threshold has facilitated NGOs in the services portfolio as part of their social initiatives, which have been working for long. “We have been active and instrumental in re-orienting approaches, developing niche models to work with NGOs based on their profile and needs supported by technology infrastructure that include applications and tools” he further adds.

The recent economic turmoil was an opportunity to organizations to learn the true revelations of entrepreneurship in practice and “The secrets of entrepreneurial practices that we learnt are, there is no permanent, reliable and common solutions for all typical instances we come across and there is always scope to explore and entrust upon ahead,” Bharath claims.

The boot-strapped company has achieved a sustained revenue growth of 65 percent in the last couple of years and he exuberates “on thumping a deal with a New Delhi based Equity company, we are set to unleash the performance by scaling new markets with growth plans,” Currently, the company has 28 full time employees and 17 technology specific part timers in its team.

Today, Threshold has a total of over 50 customers with a majority of them being U.S. and Europe based startups. And by being a startup themselves, the company is confident that they can serve their customers well as they know about the customers’ problems and challenges better, since they too are going through the same stage in their lifecycle.