Uchange Technologies: Customizing ERP at Every Step

Date:   Tuesday , April 30, 2013

Amravati University, based in Maharashtra, approached large technology tycoons to automate their receipt servicing portfolio in the form of receipt software. Many bank transactions and six failed software applications later, they approached Uchange Technologies, a global IT products & services and software development company headquartered in Nashik. Uchange brainstormed with the leadership of the company and explored every nook and corner of the client's agenda before building a wholly customized software. Although the product of Uchange Technologies was deployed without a testing phase, it was a huge technical success. One year down the line, Amravati has made Uchange its trusted partner in technology by signing up with the IT provider for the automation of their finance, examination and PHD departments to name a few.

This is how Rahul Aggarwal, CEO, Uchange Technologies, has been helping clients simplify and satisfy their technological endeavors in the sectors of education, manufacturing and healthcare verticals since 2011. ERP has been forever linked with complexity, high cost and arduous 18-month rollouts. This has been the case with the basic ERP solutions in India. The products are heavily over priced and clients, who implemented the technology offered by large companies at exorbitant prices, were blatantly disappointed. The software provided by the big shots was not a 100 percent customizable and lacked important miniscule detail for proper functioning. The Indian scenario is in a dire need for an ERP provider who understands the tech needs of a client inside out and customizes accordingly to the level of the minutest details. Uchange technologies is the latest player in the market to provide user friendly, reasonable and state of the art ERP solutions for the subverted Indian ERP clientele.

The company, in the Initial years had a keen focus on development and research. Rahul, an MS graduate in Computers from the State University of New York, applied his experience at working at simplifying Complexities in software with IBM in his earlier days, grew the company painstakingly. Now Uchange boasts of expertise in providing custom software development, mobile apps development, website designing and web portal development to name a few. To leverage and utilize into the cloud phenomena, Uchange is poised for success with its highly effective cloud solutions. A testimony of its success is its partnership with industry leading clients in the form of being a Microsoft partner, Microsoft Small Business specialist and Intel software partner and an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization.

Agile Methodologies for the Best Outcomes
Such success can be attributed to the methodology applied by Uchange, which is in stark contrast to the mechanism used by traditional IT companies. The solution begins with a requirement analysis with domain experts and analysts making sure that there is a complete understanding of the client's business problem and requirements. These requirements are then transferred to the development team and a prototype of the proposed solution is prepared. Once approved this prototype is converted into a full working solution within no time. This solution is then thoroughly tested to make sure that it exactly meets the client requirements. And finally in a true testament to their commitment, Uchange provides free telephonic/online/onsite support for one year.
"We most of the times use agile methodology which ensures faster and timely development of software solutions. It has various advantages over other software development methodologies. Now a day's most of the software products require a shorter time to market; which may not be possible using traditional software development methodologies. Agile makes it possible to deliver high-quality software quickly and reliably." says Rahul.

Wholly Committed to Perfection and Excellence
In traditional software development procedures, most teams are accustomed to just completing a schedule and releasing the software. But Uchange technologies focuses to be a complete technology partner with its client. The employees are totally committed to ensure the product's complete success and hence fully satisfying the customer. "This is one of the reasons we like Agile methods, they focus on the product adding business value continuously." Says Rahul.
Uchange has been consistently delivering high quality IT solutions to a variety of domains and industries with commitment to perfection and excellence. The company derives its strength from its industry knowledge and domain expertise combined with the employees' strong technology insights. Headed by experienced technocrats and smart managerial people, the company hopes to provide the right solutions to the right people at right time; Today, Uchange is committed to expand their clients business, increase profits and productivity, reduce cost and time, all while having a keen outlook to save trees and the environment. The firm is poised to be a force to reckon within the ERP domain in the coming years.