Gestalt Technologies: A Trustworthy HIS Vanguard Bounded by Innovation

Date:   Monday , March 07, 2016

Touted to be a key component of a viable health system, Hospital Information System (HIS) is a prototype of the vogue that has been witnessing a paradigm shift towards \'paperless management\' in the healthcare industry. Although experiencing its early stages, HIS is fast becoming a mainstream reality, with end-to-end elixirs rapidly piquing the interests of healthcare centers. Powered by the latest Microsoft technology, GHealth Enterprise - a comprehensive healthcare ERP product, crafted by Gestalt Technologies, a Bangalore-based software development company, stands out amongst such elixirs by consistently serving as a springboard for healthcare destinations to manage their processes efficiently.

The bellwether of such innovations, Gestalt was founded by Ganesh Kannurpatti, a Subject Matter expert, in 2008. \"When I started my entrepreneurial journey, a 1500 bed hospital ERP solution was outsourced to me because of my vast experience in the ERP domain,\" recollects Ganesh, CEO & MD, Gestalt Technologies. This further chiseled his experience and led him to foray into the healthcare industry and continue unabated. \"Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences, Mallya Hospital, and HOSMAT in Bangalore, and Ruby General Hospital in Kolkata are some of our large implementations, till date. Our software has been running in these hospitals for eight years now and we continue to support them,\" he adds. Today, the venture hosts more than 30 small, medium,and large hospitals in India (Karnataka, Pondicherry, West Bengal, and Bihar) and Kenya. Recently foraying into the African market, Gestalt is marching audaciously towards Middle East to hunt down tremendous opportunities.

Backing the Continuum of Care

The rationale behind such strong and everlasting relationship lies in Gestalt\'s undeterred focus on quality, customer support and satisfaction, and the company considers their trust and faith as its greatest award. While its home grown product, GHealth Enterprise caters to the needs of medium and large hospitals, its other products, which are the customized and lighter versions of GHealth, emphasize on small hospitals and diagnostic centers.Underlined by Kaizen Principles, the armada of integrated solutions that is constantly upgraded to reflect bleeding-edge functionalities are developed so as to increase clinical performance, escalate outcomes,reduce costs and augment ROI dramatically.\"We also provide consultation in Healthcare Informatics to hospitals of all sizes, thereby enabling them to successfully implement various processes,\" adds Ganesh. Currently gearing up to launch the web version of the product in June 2016, the company is also aiming to churn out mobile apps in the segment.

The Maestro behind the Excellence

According to Ganesh, it is the sheer hard work and an excellent team of like-minded individuals that has molded the company to rise beyond the typical hiccups and attain its present avatar.\"I was always given a free hand to decide in my job and my passion for innovation inspired me to choose the Startup Lifestyle,\" proclaims Ganesh. The 18 people strong organization is also imbibed with the same open work culture where every employee is free to ideate and innovate. The company not only trains and builds careers of untapped talents from the country\'s remote corners, but also empowers tech-savvy, yet most overlooked talent pool in other organizations. \"All our core team members are now travelling abroad for implementation, which is a great achievement for them as well as the company,\" proclaims Ganesh. However, with multiple projects on its pipeline, Gestalt aims to deck up its team with the right people. The self-funded company is also on the lookout for fund-raising activities and potential investors to fuel its vision of business expansion.

Case Study:

The 250 bed Ruby General Hospital (RGH) in Kolkata has around 175 senior consultants of different specialties and around 50 in-house doctors who are always available. Being a large hospital with multiple specialties, the hospital had procured software from different vendors catering different specialties in silos. The requirement therefore was for an integrated solution that would take care of the end-to-end management of the hospital.

Searching for such incredible solution, RGH met GHealth, the most ideal solution for them as it not only takes care of all specialties but also was able to cater to their requirement of paperless management. GHealth has been running successfully over the past eight years.

As RGH caters to different categories of patients and has about 40 different rate types associated with different Health Insurance companies and Government organizations, GHealth\'s Customer Specific Billing Management (SCBM) helped the company overcome the associated nuances. The integration of these rates types in GHealth and successful implementation of SCBM helped RGH bring down disallowances from customers to a large extent and invigorated speedy claims processing.

The Pharmacy Management module helped in establishing a proper supply chain of drugs within the hospital, thereby controlling pilferage. The MIS reports generated from GHealth enables the hospital to track functioning of various departments and take critical decisions to bring in changes to improve revenues from all departments. The most recent addition to RGH was the Oncology Department and GHealth once again proved instrumental by providing Oncology Module that seamlessly integrates within the existing application. All these measures resulted increased patient footfalls over the years.