How to Hunt a Whale and Savor its Taste?

Date:   Friday , September 04, 2015

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Whoever said that everything tastes like chicken probably never tasted Whalemeat. Similarly, companies who have never had an opportunity to do business with a Whale probably won\'t understand how varied the process and experiences can be.

For many, consuming Whale meat is centered more on survival than relishing the taste just like many seasoned companies who need to land a Whale in order to survive in the industry and strengthen their resources.However, if yourcompany wishes to try its hands on landing a Whale only to savor its taste, you don\'t only need know-how of using a weapon but also a pantry full of spicesin order to spruce up the flavor of your business. These refer to a storehouse of knowledge and well-thought-out relationship building efforts which are essential in landing a Whale successfully.

Capturing a Whale\'s attention

Whales have big brains and complex social structures which mean your efforts in alluring one must be logical and appealing. Your sales-call is like anexplosive harpoon of your Whale hunting, with which you will take the first step in getting the attention of Whale. And, with this, I am not asking you to cause the internal blast in your prospect\'s brain but an internal change of opinion and awareness. In the first two minutes of your call, you require something fascinating to stand out from the very, very competitive world. When something of high value or unique hits the ears of your prospect, he will instantly become interested to learn more. And, to create such captivating and customized reason, you need to follow the Inch-Wide-Mile-Deep approach. We specially follow this approach because it involves focusing on one prospect at a time and going deep enough to research about it and sustain the gains, which is the essence of landing Whale accounts.

Moving the Whale along

Once the attention is captured, hunting process via call needs a boost which is possible with high-powdered rifle. Shooting a rifle includes explaining the results a Whale can expect from using particular services or solution. Letting them know the real-case scenarios and exact statistics with which your previous prospects have benefitted will make even a persistent decision-maker curious to know more. This is because decision-makers don\'t care about your offerings but they are concerned about their own and company\'s success.

Driving the Whale towards meeting

Every Whale-hunting process ends with driving the Whale towards land and every successful sales-call must end with driving the prospect towards meeting. How one asks for the first appointment on phone decides the course and success of meeting. This initial close is essential as you are going to make a way into your prospect\'s agenda. Ask the prospect if he likes to meet in person to see if the business proposal mutually benefits both the parties. This way, you are ensuring a lesser intimidated prospect with a better control on sales process, which will make him open to meeting.