Making the presence felt

Date:   Monday , October 01, 2007

Mallik Moturi, who recently took over as the Managing Director of Xilinx India, considers the good fortune of working with some of the best leaders in the industry, the highlight of his career. With a career start in Bell Labs, he has held various positions as engineer, chip designer, architect, director, and VP during his spells at AT&T, Lucent, Hughes, and Conexant during his fifteen year long career.

He describes himself as easy going, informal, direct and sportive. As a person who is more interested in challenges and not positions, Moturi considers handling an organization in India would be one of the biggest challenges he has faced because this is his first stint outside the U.S.

At Xilinx he has the responsibility to build the entire organization from scratch and making its presence felt in Indian market. He is not a person who regrets any of his decisions as he has always learned from them. To put in his own words, ‘Mistakes are good if we can learn from it’. Respect for people he works with and staying focused with attention to details are the values he stands for. He advises the same to others, and adds that attaining expertise in what one is working with and building depth in relationship with people will take one far in one’s career.

Though his work does not permit him much of a leisure time, given a chance to enjoy an off he loves to spend it traveling with his family or playing golf and tennis and in reading.