Sahasra Electronics: The Germany of the East

Date:   Monday , December 14, 2015

The excitement in the electronics market in India touched sky recently when the Indian government announced \'Make in India\' initiative. It seems that the world has jumped into the bandwagon to mint benefit across various sectors surrounding the electronic industry. Be it product or services, companies are planning to set their foot firmly in the market. But while most of them still have their plans on paper, Sahasra Electronics, through its array of services focused both on international and domestic market, has its right to claim to the throne.

Founded in 2000, the company began its journey serving the U.S. market with a clear focus on providing electronic assembling services for low to medium volumes. This helped the company catch eyes from around the world and eventually, Sahasra added PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing as one of its units. Today, the transformed company is largely about electronic products and services.

The India Story

When Ministry of IT and Communications in their survey found that the market for electronic goods and services would increase from a current level of $100 billion to $400 billion by 2020, Sahasra diverted its attention towards Indian market with the whole purpose to enable India to stand tall in the electronic market not as a consumer but as a manufacturer. \"The demand of electronic products would increase very rapidly, and unless we start manufacturing electronic products, particularly hardware, there will be a major trade imbalance due to electronic imports. There is clearly a huge potential for electronic manufacturing in the country which will enable the electronic manufacturers to compete globally,\" says Amrit Manwani, Chairman & Managing Director, Sahasra Electronics. Today, Sahasra is strongly positioned as a provider of electronic products and services ranging from basic component level (PCB) to electronic manufacturing services (assembling PCB for various industries including automotive, defense electronics, telecommunications, consumer electronics and industrial electronics) and tapping in the big time opportunity to offer services to Indian market to eliminate any further jaw dropping economic imbalance.

The Diversified Approach

The world is going green and hence the demand for LED lights is at peak. Sahasra not only provides electronic assembling in the lighting industry, but have also supplied to few very large LED players. In addition, the company has also set up a manufacturing unit in east Africa to cater the growing LED demand in African continent. \"We strongly believe in quality rather than quantity. Thus with a clear objective in mind, we have focused on taking a variety of internationally approved certifications like ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14000, ISO 18000 and others,\" asserts Amrit. Witnessing the huge demand for its services, the Noida-based company has opened up offices in U.S., Europe, India and Africa.

The company inculcates its core values within its 400 people to further strengthen its bottom line to be able to reinvest in newer technologies and manufacture complex newer technology products. This will surely lead the way for Sahasra to become the Germany of the East. The company also envisions further expanding its market in Africa for the LED lights and offer niche products to the telecom sector in India. On the defense side, Sahasra is working towards providing products which will help the sector to procure from the Indian manufacturers and reduce its heavy dependency on foreign countries.