Ascra Technologies: Creating Successful IT Consulting Partnerships

Date:   Sunday , December 06, 2015

\"Technology is one of the most crowded markets, but if we do well there, we kenned we\'ve got something exhilarating. It can accommodate a broader purport than simply impacting a business\' bottom line, and how wondrous to be capable of doing both,\" believes Atul Agrawal, Founder at Ascra Technologies that provides comprehensive IT Consulting accommodations including e-Commerce solutions, portal development, social media integrations, and mobile application development for a clientele which include a few renown designations.

At a time when IT companies mostly rely on other IT Service partners (consulting & infrastructure) for strategic development, the demand such partners have surged. But only a few have been able to flourish to provide best-in-class services. Thanks to the fraternity, this market with success stories of helping each other is now a giant $374 billion industry homing over two million people in the U.S. alone.

Taking Brands Online

Incorporated in 2009 by Atul, Ascra Technologies has been highly apperceived as a quality IT consulting partner in the IT meadow by its reputed clients. Its highly customizable solutions that cater to multi-spectrum industries consummate unique requisites developed with industry standard and are scalable. \"Our solutions that are built with the right coalescence of technology and infrastructure understanding the business needs and its application sanction us to run controlled experiments to understand end-user experience & engagement, analyse & improvise which make us unique,\" asserts Atul.

While the company began with B2B and BI solutions in an era when there were little to no experiment, and the entire industry was process driven, AscraTech launched over 100 applications on Facebook, empowering brands in user-engagement through contests, games and innovative ideas. AscraTech\'s evolving solutions with social media integration were also offered to e-Commerce emporia and various online portals. But the challenges always persisted with the right recruitment process. Approaching top institutes, connecting through LinkedIn and other online portals, the company found the right commix of team with exhilarated minds striving towards technology and innovation.

AscraTech\'s Responsive Website development, Mobile Applications, and Social Media solutions have been popular with many startups and companies. Among its clientele that consists names such as J. Walter Thomson, Digitas LBI, and Concept PR amongst many others, six of them have already received funding, thus encouraging AscraTech to proud more on its offerings. While Atul believes in ameliorating services over an exorbitant marketing strategy, AscraTech\'s philosophy has been building processes, systems, and testing platforms that eventually benefit the customers and the company. Expounding on AscraTech\'s marketing strategies, Atul expresses, \"We like the idea of it spreading via word of mouth - organically and naturally. It\'s not that we don\'t market, we just don\'t advertise. Innovation is the driving force for all technology solutions. What we always look forward in our solutions is to innovate and build a better user experience. Analytics and personalized experience are other areas we are looking to improvise on\".

Footprints to the Effulgent Future

\'Focus on creating value for the customers\' has been the best piece of puzzle Atul has learnt over the years. With company\'s growth and success, AscraTech\'s every customer is enriched with additional value that this six-year old company brings in. This bootstrapped company\'s pool of developers, engineers, designers, marketing team and managers are guided and incentivized amidst opportunities of learning every time through veracity and transparency. To develop employees\' skills, AscraTech involves them in handling clients and helps them in implementing their ideas that set example of a free-flowing work-culture with a flat hierarchy. With comprehensive business strategy on spending and building best-in-class consulting & technology business that can scale facilely, this company has witnessed a good growth till now without external funding and doesn\'t wish to compromise its liberation. Atul integrates, \"We are a bootstrapped dedicated team of cognizant and ardent folks who are committed to a mission playing multiple roles\".

Having prospered in delivering more than 500 solutions to over 200 brands engaging millions of users every month, this organization has grown as a strong technology & strategy partner. Focusing on customers and integrating value to the services, AscraTech\'s journey on collaborating with the clients and partnering them in their growth saga has been praiseworthy. \"We\'ll continue to focus on the offerings that are paramount and distribute value to our clients and will collaborate to innovate in a way others cannot. We will perpetuate to control the primary technologies abaft the solutions and create a unique customer experience. We have significantly contributed in the markets we have participated and will continue to do so while we explore new ones,\" Atul desists.

While a hefty number of segments believe that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best and cost-efficient way to market a company and increase its brand\'s presence, with Google and other search engines\' popularity taking customers to create its web presence (identity) amidst contribution to the open source community, AscraTech\'s commendable journey is expected to continue and cherish others to emerge.


Key Management

Atul Agrawal, Founder

A passionate technopreneur with years of experience and expertise, Atul brings in value to the services in Ascra Technologies.

Offices: Mumbai

Clients: J. Walter Thompson, Digitas LBI, Concept PR, VelvetCase, VoxPop, Indian Art Collectors, Smaaash Entertainment, Contest2Win India, Travelibro Trackers, The Yellow Chilli, Precious Platinum, Viacom 18, Canara Robeco Mutual Funds, Jet Set Go Aviation, Acres Club, Emkay Global to mention a few
Offerings: Mobile Applications, Web Development, UI/UX, Web Applications, Portals/e-Commerce, Strategic IT Consulting, Business Intelligence, and Social Media Marketing

Achievements: Ranked amongst Top 25 companies providing web solutions