Amit Francis: Creativity & Pure Perseverance to Define New Age Entrepreneurship

Date:   Wednesday , February 15, 2017

\"I am a person blessed by God in a very different way,\" asserts Amit Francis, (Director - Creative Services), Franciscan, alluding to his entrepreneurial journey. It was his father Francis Masih and his brothers Ranu & Rajeev Francis who identified Amit\'s hidden skills at an early age and machinated a hard working young Amit to quit a cosy job and take up entrepreneurship. \"Start by doing what is necessary; then do what\'s possible; then suddenly you are doing the impossible,\" said Saint Francis of Assisi. Being his ardent disciple, Amit followed the words and started off by supporting his brothers in designing and developing websites for other industrialist friends.

Today, his company Franciscan is a pioneer in developing customised educational ERPs which have revolutionised the education domain by bringing comprehensive educational programs under one roof. Through his imposing nature and exquisite talent, Amit has successfully led his team to develop several communication portals and websites which enable the educational stakeholders, mainly parents, to carry complete school information on their fingertips. Firmly footed with a philosophy to create purpose that gives him enough adrenaline push to keep him and his team moving, Amit has spearheaded more than 150 projects that has simplified and automated processes across schools in India.

Survival of the Fittest

\"It\'s a revolution and it will change the work trend,\" asserts Amit sighting the recent developments in Indian startup ecosystem. To keep up with the fast changing market, Amit pushes his team to continuously learn and develop cutting edge skills. As creativity is imbedded in his DNA, Amit cracks no Sudoku yet makes his customers lives simpler with elegant IT solutions. Being in creative business, initially he had to confront the hard facets of entrepreneurship. \"To attract clients with your imagination is quite challenging. Talking to a lot of clients and getting their feedbacks and ideas acted as a boon for me to build a great business,\" elucidates Amit. With a mission to provide excellent, sincere, flawless and innovative customer service, this Noida based company leaves no stones unturned in educational ERP domain.

By beavering hard long hours at office, Amit has developed visionary products which have earned him the title of \'Mr. Perfectionist\' among his employees. Truly believing in a happy, productive workforce and the importance of organizational culture, he encourages his employees and offers all sorts of solutions and ownership for their development. Amit\'s innate humility to admire others work and his close knit relationship with his peers and subordinates has merited him a dignified place in the business world. He feels gratitude to his family, especially his parents, for guiding him towards success.

Having being nurtured by the startup ecosystem, Amit strives to give back to the society by educating upcoming generation, for which his company has already started a project Franciscan International Academy \'Live Act\'. Under this banner, the company is coming up with various study courses and personality development modules which will prepare the younger generations to be self-reliant. Amit advices young and emerging entrepreneurs to concentrate on loopholes and losses to develop a concrete action plan which would ultimately derive profit. \"One thing which I have learnt from my failures is to make the world know about new taste, technology and market, and then launch your product. You need to make people aware of it at first and then to make use of it,\" adds Amit.

An Idol at Work & Life

With the published fact of entrepreneurs willing to work 80 hours a week to take their dreams to another level, it becomes difficult for them to balance work & life. Thankfully for Amit, it doesn\'t cause much of a trouble as his wife is also involved in the business and they both swiftly manage to juggle between home and office. Married just a year back, Amit is preparing himself to be one of the best fathers in the world and is waiting for the right time to take up the parental challenge. \"The time is changing and every parent should play a vital role in bringing up their kids. Secondly, every child is a gift of God and born with a special talent; I would be a support to them in whatever fields they want to be, but should be best for them,\" asserts Amit. Being indulged too much into the business has constantly temporised his holiday plans, but as soon as he carves out enough time, he intends to take a Dubai & New York trip with his wife. A fervent Indian food lover, Amit is mainly fond of Sarson Ka Saag & Makki Di Roti and loves to don an outfit that gives him graceful feeling.