Brewing New Marketing !deas

Date:   Thursday , June 09, 2011

Mumbai: Using a mixture of technology and ingenuity, marketers today are finding new ways to reach consumers. Growing fields in marketing include Internet and mobile advertising, behavioral advertising, interactive campaigns, product placement, & Social Media. SiliconIndia organized the Strategic Marketing Conference on April 30th in Mumbai, where marketing professionals learned, developed, connected with each other, and learnt from experts on how to harness the power of advertising, mobile apps, digital marketing and the social media to build effective brand strategies. The conference kick started with the talk by Mahesh Murthy, Founder and CEO, Pinstorm and moved on to exciting panel discussions.

Digital Marketing: The Serious Channel
The future of digital marketing will be built by strategists who grasp the full array of emerging business, social, and technical models. Specialties in user experience, branding, application design, and data are laying the foundation for richer user experiences and business models breakthrough products and revenue based marketing.

Anil Modi, President (CCC) & Global Head, Marketing and Strategy- Aegis elaborated on this at the event and said, “Digital marketing is not just another campaign but a serious channel that requires strategy and thinking. Speed of digital marketing allows little space for procrastination. More engagement through digital media means higher empowerment at the front end to be intelligent and meaningful in such engagements with end users”.

Shivam Srivastava, National Manager - Strategy & Marketing, Sify added to this saying, “The digital space is growing by leaps and bounds and cannot be isolated by any marketer and the World Cup micro site by Sify was marketed on Face book and Google. Also they had created few applications which could be plugged into the social network. The final result was a huge success all around.”

Social Media Marketing Strategy: An Insight

Vishal Chinchankar, Vice President, Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group Company said, " Today in social media space If content is King, then the consumer is God,as consumer not just consumes the content but also re-creates and redistributes the same content". And also, "As marketers we need to keep in mind the ideal mix of having presence on ‘Talk to me’ media versus ‘Talk with me’ media.”

Stressing more on strategic marketing, Manish Kasliwal, Head Advisory Relations & Strategic Marketing, L&T Infotech said, “Strategic Marketing is not same as the tactical marketing, which primarily is being considered as a cost center by every organization. Face book and Linkedin seems to be the leaders today in their respective categories but this may change soon if they don’t innovate and offer more applications to the end customer.”

Mobile Marketing: True Mobile Strategy

George Paul, Director- Marketing & Strategy, Ericsson India said, "In today's marketing frontiers, the digital channel is gaining inroads into the traditional media space and as we enter the broadband age, it is important for marketers to understand and leverage this medium."

"Latest data shows that India is already generating the second highest Mobile Internet traffic in the world and this is destined to keep growing at a really fast clip," said Anand Jhingan, New Business Development - Business Solutions, Nokia Siemens Networks.

Speaking on ‘Role of marketing mix in digital era’, Harsh Kohli, Associate Vice President & Head - Manufacturing Vertical Practice, Zensar Technologies said “Marketing in digital era especially in the B2B segment has transformed to be relationship & technology driven and product innovation with lower pricing as the key to acquire customers and drive new business/services.”

Cost effective Marketing strategies for Startups

“Additional media like print are still very alive and useful in the era of social media. A startup needs to go for media which have more shelf life, rather than put all the money into big media which exhaust budgets fast,” said Prashant Pradhan, Assistant General Manager, Network 18.

Koncept Marketing Consultants were the sponsors for the event along with 160by2 who were the exhibitors. Grasp the full array of emerging business, social and technical models and make all marketing decisions was the takeaway!