Idhasoft: Impressive growth, Innovative focus

Date:   Monday , November 03, 2008

A multi-specialty hospital in Hyderabad with 350 bed capacity was looking to implement a fully integrated Hospital Information System. Therefore, this information system would have to bring together all the departments for efficient access to all the clinical, administrative and financial information in order to assist appropriate decision making. To implement state-of-the-art Hospital information system for the Hospital and the software supporting intranet and extranet environment the hospital administration signed contract with Idhasoft a software products and IT services provider serving enterprise customers in the United States, Europe and Asia. Idhasoft undertook the task and successfully integrated the clinical, finance and administrative departments enabled access to updated patient information by implementing WHIS , web based Hospirtal Information System.

Idhasoft is one of the fastest growing companies in the world on account of a successful business model, niche domain-specific offerings, and an effective and aggressive entrepreneurial management style. Since its inception, Idhasoft has continued to break new frontiers and has established benchmarks not only in terms of business achievement, but also global reach, innovative marketing strategies, and strategic planning and growth. In 2007 Idhasoft achieved impressive growth in US, Singapore and in India, crossing our goal of $100 million in revenue in fiscal year 2007-2008. Idhasoft employs over 900 people worldwide.

Idhasoft offers Data Centers, Quality Assurance & Testing Labs, and Technology Innovation and Research and Development Labs. The facilities are located at multiple locations in India and U.S. With its technical skills and domain experience Idhasoft has helped over 600 customers with its Products, IT Consulting Services, Software Licensing & IT Staffing.

The company expects a impressive growth record in the next fiscal too. With its innovative approach and unique methodologies, Idhosoft will definitely meet its expectation.