CampPro Let the right people know

Date:   Thursday , August 04, 2011

Indian mobile industry is an apt example for a mixed baggage. At one end the subscriber base is expected to touch one billion early next year over taking China, on the other hand it forms challenges in the form of stiff competition, high churn rate, low ARPU and stiff regulations. Indian mobile industry, like any other telecom landscape is campaign intensive with multitude of campaigns being launched every day.

Operators launch campaigns to meet business objectives like revenue enhancement, increase usage, customer retention, customer acquisition or just communication. Hence Campaigns are the heart of Marketing, CRM & Sales Activity. Operators have also automated campaigns processes like campaign execution and loyalty schemes. But these are just executions systems which are a replacement to manual process and not systems that help marketers in analyzing past campaigns, simulate campaign results and design campaigns that enhance Campaign ROI. In short these systems lack the brain of the campaign ecosystem.

In the current scenario, campaigns are not targeted and extended at random to all. To explain with an illustration, if an operator is call campign to 1,00,000 customers and eliciting a response rate of 0.5 – 1 percent that is 1000 responses, a magnificent wastage of time and resources. On the other hand, a targeted campaign carried out on select customers 20,000 customers is able elicit a response rate of 5 percent is 1000 responses. Now see the realized benefit to the operator in terms of cost and resource optimization and the increased campaign ROI. This is what CampPro set to achieve for operators.

CampPro, an analytics solution from Abiba Systems, helps the operators to analyze the subscriber behavior, define target segments, understand the performance of the previous campaigns, and then design targeted and effective campaigns to attain better campaign ROI. CampPro also gives the operators the ability to simulate and test campaigns, and weigh multiple scenarios before the execution of the real campaigns and equip them with intuitive dashboards and heat maps as visual support to take informed decisions. Using CampPro operators can now reduce customer fatigue towards campaigns, ensure campaigns reach the right segment, reduce campaign spends, increase profitability more importantly they can now have absolute control over campaign proceedings.

At one end the company starts with analytics to identify the customers and at the other end gives that data to the execution system to then do the execution. Using the solution the companies can also target a few sample customers with their new campaign, analyze their response, and then take it further. “In highly matured, highly competitive markets, the operators are more open towards our solution. In fact they demand such applications as customer retention in such markets is a lot harder, and they need the right tools to target the right customers,” says Jay Bharatheesh Simha, CEO Abiba.

Apart for CampPro, other solutions of this Bangalore based company include TeleView, and Champion. TeleView is an integrated business performance analysis solution for telecom industry while Champion is an integrated predictive analytics suite exclusively architected for the same industry. The company also provides other business intelligence services such as data sourcing, data management, data analysis and decision support.

Many of the customers of Abiba had concerns on costs, user adoption, implementation delays and integration with existing applications and so the company has created their products keeping these concerns in mind. Abiba makes it a point to spend time in understanding the requirement of their customers – both their priorities and their constraints. Then recommend and help them implement the correct Business Intelligence and Analytics roadmap for maximizing the ROI of their projects. This approach along with their innovative products has taken the company so far, and it is planning to take this approach further in the coming years.