Digital Advertising and its Trends

Date:   Friday , December 30, 2016

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Current Trends in Digital Advertising

Everything is related to client transparency and creating a clearer picture for all. There are many words we see popping up nowadays like, view-ability, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), branding & data. I personally believe they are all related to help improve advertisers\' understanding of what they are buying which, in turn, leads to better results. Now, digital advertisers are able to analyse their data from multiple sources which means online and mobile ads are more personalised and targeted. Thanks to view-ability, they are able to get a real indication if their ad has been viewed or not and the impact it is having on users. Relationships are better nowadays, with advertisers trying to gain their trust from users and ensuring they remain with the brand.

Future Planning Out in Terms of Digital Advertising

The sector, as a whole, is solid and I believe Digital Advertising will continue to grow and develop as technological advancements are made along with the quality of advertisers improving. Undoubtedly, digital video ads will go through the roof and become the go-to method for advertising online. More importance will be placed on improving user experience - nowadays, users have clocked on to advertising techniques, with traditional ways of advertising being ignored. If advertisers aren\'t careful, customers may turn away in their droves, losing all values and credibility they may have for the brand. In the next few years, advertisers will be promoting consistent and positive customer experience through their campaigns, keeping the customers content and entertained with their ads so they keep coming back for more.

In addition to this, more companies will be focusing on their API (Application Program Interface) integration. APIs make it possible for platforms to tie together to make a fast and flexible ecosystem. Companies who wish to execute and develop technology that creates the best user experience will benefit from this. Not to mention, trends which already exist such as Native Advertising and live streaming will take off even more.

Threats to the Sector of Digital Advertising

Obviously, there are many threats and problems which affect the sector, especially when it comes to controlling ad campaigns, fraud and non-payments. That\'s why it\'s necessary to be constantly on top of things, creating products to counteract these problems. Malware is inevitably a big problem nowadays. Malware is able to attack systems that aren\'t up to date given the recent increase in programmatic. One way to fix this though, and to ensure it doesn\'t happen, is work with trustworthy partners when launching programmatic campaigns as both publishers and brands will be protected.

Fraud is also a big problem and must be prevented, it can be difficult to detect as many sources use bots, false VPNs and other dirty tricks. One way is to partner up or use ad protecting apps which are able to reject traffic and analyse any incoming data from fraudulent traffic. Another problem to overcome is the use of Ad blockers. As many users consider various intrusive ads as an annoyance, they\'re eager to get rid of them as quickly and easily as possible. Albeit not a new concept, it seems using ad blocker software is on the rise. However, it\'s not all doom and gloom for advertisers, those who carry out a clear plan of action will realise that ad blocking can actually serve as a way to streamline and divert ad spending into more worthwhile channels. We can mend the relationship between consumers and ads by matching the hard work of content creators and thinking up creative ads that are just as interesting as the editorial content they accompany, thus leading to an increase in the use of native ads.

For the pessimists out there, questioning whether or not that is possible, there are plenty of examples of great banner, native, and other forms of digital advertising. Putting more emphasis on creative is a way to increase conversion, and it has become even more important now that users have the power to choose the ads they see. Improving targeting is also key: we can use data to verify the users that are most likely to appreciate an ad for a specific product or service. With these tips in mind, we should look forward with what\'s to come in digital advertising as the sector grows from strength to strength.