iSynergy TechSys: Delivering Experience & Not Just a Process

Date:   Monday , February 09, 2015

Online exam monitoring is not as rosy as it sounds. It craves for high-speed internet access, fastest browser handling specific technologies, flash enabled browser, proper functioning of audio & video and so on. Started with zeal to mark its presence in U.S. market, a leading remote proctoring service provider focusing on pre-exam, during exam and post exam operations faced the similar crunches and beat its brains out scouting for a trusted partner. This was when iSynergy TechSys came into the picture with the expertise of cloud implementation. After winning the heart of its client in pre-exam, iSynergy is moving a step towards their second segment � during exam. During exam is an advance real-time segment carrying features such as recording the sessions, reporting incidents during the sessions and more. Thus, iSynergy has effectively delivered such success stories through its approach and matured capabilities.

iSynergy started its journey in the year 2007 offering value-driven solutions in software product development and technology services in various technology domains. The Pune headquartered company has also garnered attention for its growing Cloud services practice. iSynergy SaaS and Cloud services are focused on ISVs and end users, helping them to develop and convert their applications and services on Cloud. In addition, iSynergy partners to integrate parallel SaaS platform with ISV products and services through APS. Its Cloud services offerings, technology experience, and delivery capabilities have delivered successful and seamless integration experience to customers.

Emphasizing on four principles � ability to walk with the customer, expertise & experience in technology, spirit of ownership and matured delivery capabilities; iSynergy has become a horse of a different breed, creating and adding value to the top-line of its customers\' businesses to maintain their uniqueness. When Time-To-Market is critical, iSynergy is the choice for many. iSynergy takes pride in delivering quality product on time. iSynergy has an excellent delivery record with over 83 percent on-time deliveries. On an average, 8 out of 10 of their projects have gone to production without any high priority/severity defects. They are able to do this because �

1.One dedicated project manager is assigned to each project (Single point-of-contact)

2.At least two documents prepared at requirements stage and five even prior to the first line of code being written

3.On an average, 1.5 status meetings held in a week with the client

Focusing mainly on B2B services, the company has served customers from several geographies including U.S., South Africa, Australia, Canada and many more. Today, with a team of over 22 professionals, iSynergy has successfully delivered value to innovative technology companies, startups, VC funded and mid-sized enterprises globally.

Atul Thombre, Founder and CEO explains how their conscious efforts to create a company culture fostering transparency, ownership, appreciation and feedback helps their team remain focused and highly motivated. iSynergy\'s work ethos empowers an inspiring combination of growth prospects � a sense of ownership and joy of working on cutting-edge technologies. The company creates a work environment by conducting seminars, technical sessions and internal weekly sessions that fosters productivity. By unfurling their maximum potential, iSynergy seeds an entrepreneurial spirit and gives its employees a chance to work close to their personal choice.

In the upcoming years, iSynergy will focus on boosting expertise in latest technology areas to further enhance their \"Fastest-Time-To-Market\" value proposition for their clients. The company plans to remain lean with flat hierarchy incorporating agility, building personal relationships with clients, paving the way for inventiveness & innovation and becoming best in their niche.