Mobibit Softwares: Ensuring You are always connected & Safe with Location-based Apps

Date:   Tuesday , August 25, 2015

Pramod Pandey, Founder & CEO of Mobibit Softwares, does not believe in dreaming about success, rather deems in working for it. In 2012, Pramod - a young fanatic from a middle-class family - decided that he will no longer follow the footsteps of the mundane corporate professionals, instead carve his own path. This quest led him to lay launching ground for Mobibit Softwares - one of the India\'s finest product-based companies of today that expertise in building mobile apps and games. Backed by strong industry experience and an investment of Rs.5 lakh (angel funding from a family member), he enrolled into the IT industry with his venture powered by passion, commitment and zest to make it big. And soon within four months, he begot a gaming product.

Follow your Loved Ones with Locate App

Keeping safety and security at the heart of their endeavors, the team of 12 young and enthusiastic creative minds developed a family safety & friends finder Android app, which is popularly known as \'Locate\'. Built to help end-users to track the location of their friends & family members and also to identify their exact position on map, the six-month old app has already built a laudable reputation with 2,00,000 downloads across all the major app store. The best feature of this app is that usage is not only confined to smartphone users, but people with basic handsets can enjoy its bliss.

\"Never feel lost in any new city or place with our social mapping app feature. Even if the end-user does not have smartphone to install app, user can simply send an SMS with the text \'WRU\' to all the people who have allowed user to track their location on demand, and an SMS with the recipient\'s current address and the latitude-longitude will be messaged back to the feature phone users,\" says Pramod. Mobibit\'s success recipe lies in delving deep into the needs and requirement for its esteemed clients. Today, the three-year old company has cornered the market by offering best-of-breed services in mobile application and gaming industry. The same attitude has also led them to embrace multiple feats of being a top app developer for Opera & Vodafone which have seized the interests of Global Mobile App Summit 2015 amongst others.

Fostering Work Milieu

Pramod offers an open work ambiance with minimum rules and regulations to his team members. To boost their morale, he arranges KT sessions every weekend where everyone gets a chance to talk about a technical course or share their experiences. Regular inspiring sessions from industry experts are also conducted within the organization.

Mobibit is currently rearing up to seize the niche position of prominent mobile app developers into location-based services, while also bringing rotation-based and sensor-based hardware IoT device development services to the fore. Poised for phenomenal growth, the firm is eyeing at investors to raise Series A round of investment for Locate app in the next six months, while also focusing on scaling other key products. It also plans to open a startup firm in Indore - a platform bringing startup ideas to market. With various other plans in pipeline, Mobibit envisions becoming Rs.6 crore company from a current valuation of Rs.1 crore.