Egnyte: Secure File Sharing in the Cloud and On Premises

Date:   Tuesday , February 09, 2016

The proliferation of new technologies is reshaping the IT infrastructure today; however the dependence on IT makes cyber-threats a major concern. As a result, enterprises are moving toward advanced modes of security solutions and bringing extended gamut of sophisticated threat controls. Companies are now leveraging multiple mitigation mechanisms to uncover vulnerabilities, identify threats, and neutralize them by providing proactive security that defends the key assets and bottom line of the enterprises. \"When you look at a platform, file sharing is just a part of it. There are other business problems that an enterprise needs to solve via a hybrid approach,\" says Vineet Jain, co-founder and CEO, Egnyte. \"Egnyte has built a robust suite of file services with security and data protection at its core.\"

One Solution, Three Deployment Models

Egnyte, headquartered in Mountain View, CA, addresses this issue by providing Adaptive Enterprise File Services that optimize file sharing environments through unparallel secure access, centralized control, and unified visibility. \"Since we founded Egnyte, our team has focused on delivering enterprise file-sharing services to best meet the needs of both IT and business users across industries,\" says Jain. Ensuring data security and business continuity, Egnyte initiates one solution with three deployment models namely: Cloud, On-premise or Hybrid. The flexible architecture offered by Egnyte permits administrators and developers to select any combination out of the three models to set the pace for enterprise security and elegantly solve the most pressing security challenges.

Egnytes\' Key Features

Egnyte has made a substantial contribution to overcome content sharing encryption issues by providing Smart Reporting and Auditing services. These services redefine content strategies through consistent authentication and authorization, resulting in automatic file protection and management. The firm also provides a complete administrative toolkit to bring centralized control and visibility to the administrators thereby tackling the challenge of moving content to the cloud. The solution ensures security and integrity of all the corporate data. In addition, the toolkit helps in application and storage management, both on-premise and in the cloud with Active Directory/LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) and Single sign-on integration.

With this management capability, IT activities are empowered to automate their processes with APIs and bulk user actions. \"With flexible hybrid deployment options, encryption and security standards weave throughout our solutions. Egnyte can effectively meet the security, compliance and privacy needs for our customers around the world,\" says Kris Lahiri, co-founder and CSO, Egnyte.

Egnyte is working continuously to extend their partner ecosystem, through direct integration with companies like Microsoft, Google, Smartsheet, Salesforce, Netskope, Onelogin, and DocuSign. Aerohive Networks, amultinational computer networking equipment company, deploys Egnytes\' multiple file management services and decided it was time to embrace the cloud and identify a solution that could solve different aspects of their file storage and sharing needs. \"We really needed a combination of local storage and cloud to keep our teams humming across the globe. Egnyte addresses multiple file management needs for us as the company grows and is an essential part of our infrastructure,\" says Dave Holeman, former VP, Aerohive Networks.

For the road ahead, Egnyte plans to deliver Content Intelligence that refines the file consumption rates, optimizes workflow efficiencies, and improves enterprise productivity. Egnyte has always felt the need to emphasize how their products better fit an enterprise and they continue to provide cost-effective solutions that do not add complexity for their customers.