INVECAS: Enabling A New Ecosystem For The Silicon World

Date:   Thursday , May 07, 2015

With the influx of IoT, wearables and newer and newer versions of smartphones and memories, semiconductor industry is anticipating a significant growth. As the demand for swifter connections, larger network capacity and more complex designs are arising, INVECAS, Inc, - a semiconductor IP design house, is geared up to capitalize on this opportunity by conquering the unique challenges ingrained in deep sub-micron technologies. For starters, most SMEs are unable to work directly with foundry, since the volumes won\'t be in millions. For such small customers, INVECAS acts as an aggregator by leveraging foundry to expand their business and providing superior support. The company also manages their supply chain, which would be a highly-expensive task for them otherwise.

\"Our flexible license structure offered in extremely competitive price along with end-to-end service model covering from very basic function like standard cell library to highly-complex memory function helps SMEs that doesn\'t have enough design team or right in-house competency,\" explains Dasaradha Gude, Chairman, INVECAS, Inc. Being equipped with such broad portfolio of IP offerings and design services naturally enables the company to achieve superior integration services. The company works closely with GLOBALFOUNDRIES - a leading provider of advanced semiconductor manufacturing, design and technology solutions - and has developed profound knowledge on their technology and process. This empowers INVECAS to build a seamless library development along with foundry, which plays an immense role in the process of designing an IP optimally.

Breaking the Time Factor

Today, it has become imperative for technology providers to always be on their toes and formulate plans that enable a swift \'go-to-market strategy\'. Founded by industry visionaries, INVECAS nullifies this threat with its unique background and closeness to the foundry that helps to develop IPs extremely faster. However, it is not just about developing, but making it work at the first time. This perfection comes only after a deep understanding of the process and vast IP designing experience. INVECAS\' team has significant experience core hardening on various processors, bunch of in-house tools (hardware & software) and methodologies for design productivity to derive utmost performance out of the core within astounding timeline. INVECAS\' team carries experience of over 40 successful tape-outs that have got 100 percent first time silicon pass.

Lower Latency & Power Consumption with Scalable Architecture

As people are becoming more sensitive towards consuming less power, the forward-thinking INVECAS provides customization services to address customer\'s Power, Performance and Area (PPA) needs to tackle the ever-increasing energy requirement of data centers. \"Along with several power innovations in the high-speed complex IP segment for various sectors like mobility, we are also keen on strategizing the right architecture with the right amount of power and of optimized area for silicon,\" says Dasaradha. All the four R&D/design service centers of INVECAS work closely with each other and complement each other to innovate various methodologies to accomplish numerous tasks including combining IPs into a SoC, unfurling utmost productivity, ensuring quality and speed and for offering differentiated service model appropriate for various customers to name a few. The proof to INVECAS\' expertise is its industry leading, low latency IPs having modular and scalable architecture with extremely low power consumption.

One-Stop-Shop for the Silicon World

The company brings expertise across all industry standard tools including Cadence, MENTOR and Synopsys among others. Ambitious to provide holistic list of IP offerings, INVECAS doesn\'t refrain itself from bringing third party partner IPs to further accelerate product development. The company integrates all the three pieces (IP solutions, design realization and silicon realization) of semiconductor puzzle together to help customers get the final product in hand without any hassle. \"Customers areour kingpin. They decide whether they need support for only a part of the design or complete product cycle from conceptualization to final production. Either way our team is proficient to support each of these offerings,\" proclaims a proud Vivek Arora, Director - Sales & Marketing (APAC). Upon receiving specifications from customers, INVECAS performs RTL design, complete verification and physical design and then delivers the final database of the chip to foundry for manufacturing. Once the silicon is back from foundry, the company alleviates a heft of burden away from customers\' shoulder by supporting them throughout packaging, assembly, testing, managing the complete supply chain and giving final tested part to the customers. The company\'s dedicated SW team brings up the board to working level of applications by focusing on firmware, BSP (Board Support Package), drivers and others and thus emerging as a one-stop-shop for the end-to-end needs of the silicon world.

The Secret Sauce to Success

Formed by the merger of two firms and a team of memory experts, around a year young INVECAS has created an amazing ecosystem comprising of numerous industry veterans. INVECAS\' rise looks even more impressive considering the fact that the 500 people strong company is currently swamped with offering overarching IP cores and design services to GLOBALFOUNDRIES. Aside from cutting-edge 14 nanometer technology development, some specific IPs\' architectures developed by INVECAS are highly complex, which is an art mastered by only a handful of IP vendors globally. Moving up the value chain, INVECAS currently offers either SoC as a product or the complete system as a product.

The company has a stringent high standard system to hire extraordinary fresh talents. Instead of directly recruiting freshers, the precautious company has partnered with Veda IIT - collaboration between industry and academia. Any candidate willing to join INVECAS has to pass the entrance test of Veda IIT and undergo extensive training, after which they are further chiseled by INVECAS\' experienced professionals with practical design training to become industry-ready.

Already having a proven track record in building 28 nm silicon proven IPs, as the logical next step INVECAS has invested in building 14 nm silicon proven IPs. Aside from various analog IPs such as PLL, thermal sensors and ADCs, the pioneering company is also working on the latest node of standard cell library, GPIOS on 14 LPP for GLOBALFOUNDRIES. Once the 14 nm node is stable and the chip is out, the company will start working on advanced processed nodes below 14 nm through the similar procedure. INVECAS plans to expand soon in line with the increasing demand for its products and services. The company aims to heavily invest in developing in-house advanced CAD flows and design methodologies for analog & digital with leading EDA tool vendors to optimize PPA goals of the respective market segments and soar to greater heights.


Key Management

Dasaradha Gude, Chairman, INVECAS

Dasaradha\'s three decades of industry experience has helped put blood and flesh to the mission which INVECAS is born for. With a long and successful track record as an industry leader and serial entrepreneur, he is easily one of the most recognizable and famous names in the Indian semiconductor industry. From nurturing and leading multiple strong companies like CuTe solutions (acquired by ATI Technologies), Virtual IP Group, Qualcore Logic, Pacific Semiconductors (acquired by Faraday), to guiding MNCs like AMD, Dasaradha has straddled and served the industry in various capabilities. From being recognized as one of the \'Game Changers in Indian Technology industry\' to being awarded the \'Best-Run Company Award\', he has won laurels on many fronts.


Emerging Compute, Communicate, Mobile and Embedded markets

  • Development of foundation IPs like standard cells, memories and IOs as well as highly complex IP interfaces

  • Offers silicon through IPs, flexible modules, IP customization options, design and silicon realization to accelerate the process adoption, which includes design realization, optimization, augmenting or augmenting customer\'s design teams

  • Design Realization services, which essentially includes logic design verification, physical design, system engineering and embedded software services

  • SoC Turnkey Services: Assembly, Semiconductor test, Product enablement

    ASIC Design: SOC Design, Verification, Physical Design, Package Design

    IP Products: Physical IP, Digital IP, Analog IP

    Software: System software, System engineering, Multimedia solutions, Driver development, Application development, Software testing and QA.