Wifi-soft Solutions: Make WiFi Connectivity Seamless and Easy

Date:   Tuesday , January 03, 2017

The year was 2004. The global wi-fi industry was in its nascent stages then and there were very few product startups as most of the Indian IT industry was focused on IT outsourcing and call center services. Having spent seven years working in the tech industry in the U.S and additionally setting up a Wi-Fi company in Texas, Rishi Ghare returned to India during this time with a goal to build a product based company. Thus Wifi-soft Solutions came into being. As a hardware and software solutions provider for the hotspot and wireless ISP industry, Wifi-soft takes pride in being one of the earliest companies in the WiFi space and has been consistently serving this market for the last 11 years.

With such intense experience and complete range of products and services, Wifisoft has a great leverage in the WiFi space today. The firm boasts of its depth and breadth of experience to take up challenges pertaining to building of the digital infrastructure based on WiFi technology. Explaining further, Rishi says, \"Our products are already powering thousands of public WiFi hotspots in hotels, shopping malls, airports, colleges, hospitals, retail stores, bus stations and many other venues. We have also been instrumental in public WiFi hotspots in rural area and are offering very low cost Internet access to the villagers. We have built a \'Made in India\' technology that is very cost effective and easy to setup. We believe that this technology has the potential to dramatically change the digital landscape of India and create India as the global leader in rural connectivity.\"

Revisiting the good old days, Rishi points out how the WiFi industry in India was virtually non-existent when Wifi-soft was incorporated. There were few hundred hotspots and very few people used WiFi outside hospitality segment. WiFi-soft has worked hard over the years to promote WiFi technology in India and have built and managed thousands of WiFi hotspots over the last five years.

At present, Wifi-soft is one of the few companies in the world that offers a complete line of products for the WiFi market. The firm carries a legacy of over 11 years in the space and has worked with companies from 45 countries. With this, Wifi-soft has maintained an image of a lean organization of highly trained and competent workforce which has helped them bring down the cost of engineering of our products. \"We are proud to pass this savings to our customers and offer them world-class products at very competitive rates. Our products compare with some of the best companies in the US/Europe and are supported by an energetic and helpful team of trained support engineers. Unlike our competition, our philosophy is to work hand-in-hand with our customers to help them build and operate their WiFi infrastructure,\" he mentions.

Unwiring the World!!

True to its brand persona, Wifi-soft believes in unwiring the world and bringing the benefits of Internet to the citizens of the world. The team at Wifi-soft has lived this philosophy over the years and wishes to carry the same in the future. Working towards this, Wifi-soft offers three primary products for the WiFi hotspot vertical among which its cloud-based hotspot management solution (OSS/BSS) has served thousands of WiFi hotspots including some high profile venues worldwide. The solution works with all WiFi vendors like Cisco, HP/Aruba, Ruckus and provides all the necessary features captive portal, AAA, subscriber management, provisioning, bandwidth control, amongst others. With this, Wifi-soft offers all-in-one hotspot controllers that offer customers the flexibility of purchasing a complete hotspot solution in a single box.

Additionally, the company also offers enterprise-grade, long-range WiFi access points based on 802.11n and 802.11ac technology. \"We have developed new technology that enables the same access point to work in three modes stand alone, controller-managed and cloud-managed. This gives customers great flexibility and control when deploying them in WiFi hotspots,\" adds Rishi.

Going an Extra Mile

WiFi technology and related wireless technologies are rapidly evolving and there has been significant research done in these areas today. Being mindful, Wifi-soft is keeping itself at the cutting edge of these innovations and investing significantly in R&D and engineering. What makes the company stand out in the crowd is its customer reference strategy. Adding on to this, Rishi says, \"We have built a strong partner network in India and abroad who promote our products to the end customers. Our partners are our brand ambassadors and we go an extra mile to ensure that our customers are successful in their projects. This symbiotic relationship has helped us reach out to a wide range of customer base in all major markets worldwide\".

With such positivity, Wifi-soft, in the years to come, wishes to play a leading role in Government\'s Digital India initiative and help companies and government in building WiFi and Internet infrastructure all over India. \"We will continue to invest in R&D so we can proudly build world-class products from India,\" he concludes.

Key Management

Rishi Ghare, CEO

Rishi Ghare brings over 18 years of rich and diverse industry experience in which he has worked in multiple disciplines ranging from product development, engineering, client engagements, strategy and business development.

Sohail Ahmad, CTO

Sohail brings 11+ years of leading edge research and development experience in wireless, security and networking and leads product research and development, technical strategy and technical marketing at WiFiSoft Solutions.


- Wifi-soft takes pride in serving over 25 million Internet users each month in over 45 countries. The company\'s technology was used by US Army when they were stationed in Afghanistan

- Wifi-soft has severed over 350 Whole foods grocery stores in the US and Canada. Wholefoods is world\'s largest organic grocery store.

- Wifi-soft was selected for TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) mentorship program from over 50 startups in Pune.

- Wifi-soft\'s product was independently reviewed by TopTenReviews and placed third worldwide for best solution for WiFi hotspots.