NeoSilica: Industrial IoT for Power Plants, and Multi-Utility Smart Grid, for Smart City

Date:   Wednesday , December 28, 2016

From egg-boilers to iPhones, the ability of Internet of Things (IoT) to create easy human experiences by connecting physical objects is seamless. Yet energy and industrial applications are quite different and involve complex and critical operations. Industrial IoT is fast emerging for intense real-time applications in energy, manufacturing, infrastructure and industrial to bring outcome-based and user-centric focus, vastly improving operational efficiency for maximizing the business outcome for the business owner. The problem with energy applications in utilities, power plants, manufacturing, buildings and cities - is further compounded by decades old legacy OT (operational technology) systems that are looking for upgrades and even replacement. Hence a new generation of OT + IT application architectures emerged, and NeoSilica is a pioneer, even on the world stage.

The story goes back to 2014 when Mr. Narendra Modi, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, announced the development of world\'s largest canal top solar grid on Narmada Canal in Vadodara. The project was the largest of its kind spread over four kilometres and remote data collection & automation using any traditional OT systems was a challenging task. Hence the customer (SSNNL) started looking for a reliable and experienced player in the segment. Betting on its deep experience, NeoSilica Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, with proven Industrial IoT platform for Power Plants (advanced IT+OT integration), stood up for the challenge and successfully deployed Industrial IoT based Power Plant SCADA with Monitoring & Analytics, up and running within a month, proving its mettle in the industry. This solar project was selected by KMPG as \'Top 100 Infrastructure Projects of 2014\'.

The founders (Mr. Satyam Bheemarasetti and Mr. Ravi Patruni) and the core team have decades of experience product development, R&D and deploying in international markets - working for and with large corporations in U.S., Europe, China and India. Since energy related smart industries were still at the nascent stage in India, NeoSilica stayed non-operational in India till 2012 waiting for the markets to open. Starting with early deployments in Pondicherry Smart Grid Pilot, today the company has deployed Industrial IoT in more than 200 MW of solar and hydro plants, Smart Grid in Tata Power (Mumbai) and energy management for buildings (10-30% savings) across the country securing 100 percent customer satisfaction all through.

Comprehensive Industrial IoT based Solutions

NeoSilica provides a suite of integrated enterprise-class products &solutions for key energy markets from energy generation (Power Plants), distribution (Multi-Utility Smart Grid (MDMS, DR, Customer and Utility Portals)), to consumption (Smart Buildings and Smart City), and combination in the form of Microgrids.

Using their IIoT based field gateway HW and enterprise server software; the solutions can be scaled for millions of devices in the field, across many communication networks and can be integrated with wide range of enterprise applications. The company also delivers end-to-end Solar Plant monitoring solutions that includes deployment of Power Plant SCADA and automation, facilitation of multi-site monitoring and vendor neutral O&M - scaling up to 1,000 MW plants. These entire systems are integrated with Analytics & AI and to enhance generation and operational efficiency.

Alongside, NeoSilica also offers energy monitoring & management solutions for buildings and micro grids. The solutions provide insight into consumer patterns, energy availability, demand analysis, and controlling and managing the energy effectively, saving significantly on energy bills. \"We combine rooftop or local storage with the energy management of the buildings which substantially reduces the energy bill by 30 percent on an average,\" asserts Satyam Bheemarasetti, Co-Founder & CEO, NeoSilica. The company has developed an Industrial IoT based platform that integrates field monitoring and automation across any and every type of field device and system, and enterprise IT in the cloud with advanced analytics and AI. \"We are one of the very few companies to deploy such platforms ranging from energy generation to energy demand and its distribution; this platform can\'t be built unless you have international experience and significant field implementations,\" adds Satyam.

NeoSilica offers Smart Grid solutions for utilities (electric, water and gas) such as Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS), MDAS, DCU, CRM and DR with an ability to integrate wide range of Smart Meters at consumer homes, storage, EV, DER, and DSM. The core of this utility is to collect data from millions of devices at customer location, from different communication links with monitoring, utility infra and billing integration, energy loss monitoring and accounting, assuring greater utility efficiency and customer satisfaction.

For instance, in 2013 NeoSilica deployed a Meter Data Management for Tata Power, Mumbai, integrating with billing for 20,000 consumers with new smart meters (L&T), over the past 2 years.

NeoSilica\'s key experience and expertise, and their innovative systems - address large areas of Smart City projects and are bidding in large Smart Grid and City projects in international markets.

The company is proficient in integrating field equipments and systems from leading vendors including GE, ABB, Siemens, Schneider, SMA, Toshiba and Mitsubishi. For its outstanding contribution in promoting clean energy in India, NeoSilica received \'Most Innovative Company of The Year -2014\' award from IETE.

Sprinting Forward

The company provides full freedom to its employees to innovate and learn as it is a fast growing industry. NeoSilica\'s reputation has grown leaps and bounds with an impressive portfolio of satisfied customers over the years. Based on the international experience of the management team, the Company works quickly on business relations to expand into global markets, with a few key relationships already in progress.

The founders dreamt of building a billion dollar company from India with a high-end technology product, and compete with the best in the world, and they are quite on track with several major wins already.

Key Management

Satyam Bheemarasetti, Founder & CEO

Satyam is a serial entrepreneur and senior executive with over 20 years of experience in large enterprise software systems and was previously associated with AT&T Bell Labs, Unix Systems Labs, BEA systems, Novell, Deloitte & Touche and NetSilica.

Ravi Prasad Patruni, Founder & CTO

Ravi is a senior technologist and executive with over 20 years of experience in product innovation and development in embedded systems, networking and OT integration, and previously with Analog Devices, Mentor Graphics, and CMC.

Offices: Hyderabad

Offerings: IIoT-based Plant SCADA, Automation and Central Monitoring for Power Plants (Solar), Multi-Utility Smart Grid Solutions for Utilities, Energy Monitoring & Management for Buildings, Microgrids and Smart City