Revolutionizing B2B Office Supplies Space with Best Pricing, Service level & Wide Categories

Date:   Wednesday , January 28, 2015

Not many of us are aware, what an operational nightmare it is for a large corporate to procure a pencil and distribute it to all offices across the country. For each item and each location, administration must undergo a tedious process including obtaining & comparing courses from various vendors and generating purchase orders. This inefficient process sucks an immense amount of management\'s bandwidth, leaving corporates in dire need of a single organized vendor who can supply consistent quality of same branded products to all their offices nationwide. Solving this need by streamlining the whole process efficiently is, India\'s largest B2B e-Commerce office supplies provider. The company chose to focus on B2B vertical as it aspires to establish long-term relationships with corporate customers who provide regular business in this unexploited space, rather than having millions of unpredictable customers.

Low Price Guarantee

Being highly-capable of aggregating demand and negotiating great discounts with major vendors, distributors and OEMs at national level, has better bargaining par amongst other vendors; thereby comfortably provides low price guarantee. gets into one or multi year supply contracts with customers and keep rates fixed for the contract\'s duration, even in nowadays hyper-inflating economy. Most clients sign up after proper bidding process, unlike B2C e-Commerce companies that just slaps a safe price after comparing across websites. However, pricing is not the key decision maker in most cases, service level is. Understanding this, with a strong network of logistics partners across India, the company caters to almost all locations. For instance, the company even caters to tiny sales offices in tier-3 cities in remote areas like Nagalandapura. Also, every customer is assigned with an account manager, who ensures proper arrival of order.

Rapid Expansion

After engaging a dedicated team to study market needs, in 2012 grandly opened its one-stop-shop for office supplies with 3000 products handpicked from hundreds of top brands in 5 major categories namely stationary, house-keeping products, customized items, office furniture and IT; thus born with the capability to say \'Yes\' to all \'Office\' supplies. Founded by Arvind Sivdas in Gurgaon as part of Rocket Internet portfolio, the company obtained funds from largest VC firms in Europe and U.S. The company that rapidly expanded its operations to six cities namely Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai and Hyderabad, has scaled up five times since inception and experiencing 20-30 percent growth per month. Today, stands tall with over 4000 products as a reputable and dependable brand name with a prestigious clientele and their numerous testimonials.

Procurement of office supplies through a single organized vendor through online technology medium is a new concept for most Indian companies that habitually procure office supplies from local vendor through office boys. \"Though convincing them about\'s value proposition is a key challenge, large portion our effort goes to accessing the right team in a corporate that directly handles such requirements. After this, everything boils down to cost, service level and categories, which are the pillars of our forte,\" says Kabeer Chawla, Head of North & East India.

Still have an Open Universe to Tap has built a robust team with work experience in Staples and OfficeDepot with educational backgrounds in IIT, IIM and Oxford University. \"Being a B2B company that relies on offline customer acquisition, our enterprise sales team pitches customers with face-to-face meetings. Apart from having feet on street, we also market through regular newsletters and we keep in touch with corporates\' key decision makers. We are also experimenting BTL marketing,\" adds Kabeer.

Though historically, the company has been targeting only large corporates, who understand their value proposition,\'s focus will also be on the huge SME market for next 12-18 months. is seeking partnership with OEMs to attain complete control from initial manufacturing to endpoint of delivery. Being an established company with niche focus, there is still an open universe available for the company to tap. Hence, is geared up with solid growth plans to expand their sales team in all existing locations and will also upgrade their Hyderabad office with a full-fledged warehouse.


Key Management:

Kabeer Chawla, Head of North & East India

Kabeer is an IIM alumnus and a constant learner, who is ambitious to create, be part of and grow great businesses. Apart from heading\'s North & East Indian regions, he is also responsible for its marketing and analytics.

Arvind Sivdas, CEO

This IIT & IIM alumnus is a start-up enthusiast, business manager and a freelance consultant, who spearheads across all dimensions to uphold its market leadership position


Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai and Hyderabad


Wipro, Accenture, DELL, Samsung, Cognizant, Aviva Life Insurance, L&T Finance, Nokia, Verizon, TATA Capital