Being Customer Focused

Date:   Thursday , June 07, 2012

Renee Casanova is the Global Integrated Service Management (ISM) Practice Team Director at Unisys. Renee has been working in the ITSM profession for over 25 years. She is an accomplished speaker and has presented at several government conferences and organized user conferences. As an experienced professional, Reneeís previous companies include CSC, JP Morgan, and a privately held software company, Information Builders, Inc. At Unisys, Renee leads a team of some of the most highly regarded BMC Remedy ITSM resources in the world. The team works with Unisysí client base to architect and lead innovative solutions and has been recognized by Unisys customers worldwide.

During Renee Casanovaís recent visit to Bangaloreís delivery centre Renee shares the busting activities in Bangaloreís Unisys Delivery centre.

Activities @ Bangalore Delivery Centre

Today most organizations are dealing with the sprawl of their IT infrastructure: even getting a complete and accurate picture of an organizationís IT assets is a major challenge, much less understanding how well they are performing. Cloud, virtualization, mobility, BYOD, and the demands of an always-on global enterprise are only making matters worse. Itís no surprise IT departments spend a majority of their time responding to multiple alerts and events instead of monitoring and optimizing their systems.

I run the ITSM Practice group (IT service management) that is the inbuilt service management group, in which we cover a number of technology of which one is the BMC remedy. ITSM is an application that provides a business service and not a technical service. It is used for Business services management (BSM) and hence gives the overall view not just the technical aspect, but also helps you develop that vision of your services. The ITSM provides underlined disciplines of incident management, product management, change management, asset management, CMD bay, service request management. We integrate it, so that we can paint that picture and bring that business view back to our customer. So we develop a road map for them based on the company level maturity which helps the customers start with insight management and in turn help them grow with their skills. We use BMC memory to deliver and are betting on what we believe is winner from an application.

Priorities keep changing for the companies in different verticals. What is important to a financial company is not the same with a pharmaceutical or a retail company; it is going to be different. We service all these industries and it is very critical for us to understand all these industries, and understand what value we can provide.


I have been working with the team in the U.S. and India for many years. I am here to share information and the culture, prepare the team ó the team consisting of several experts specialized in number of technologies, and provide additional services to the customers that include help architect solutions, build road maps advice and at times also partner with the implementation for the takeover. Moreover there is a need to meet the people build the relationship and trust as I have been talking to them for a long time. Meeting a person face to face is a very different experience from just knowing them on phone. It is to reinforce the team, the collaboration, the value that exists because we are far apart. Itís an opportunity to really solidify the bonding with global team with the highest level of technicians.

Talent in U.S Vs India

When I talk to the younger folks in Unisys, I see a different hunger to learn. Unlike U.S, in India it is a different feeling among the younger folks. The folks who came out of college are excited to be here because they see an opportunity in Unisys.

Finding a right person who can speak to the customers matters a lot for an enterprise. I see Indians are more customer service savvy people. But, currently our challenge is to find a person who can understand the pain points of the customers and who can be there in their shoes to understand the business challenges. This is critical, as they can get the customer focus and getting the business perspective. Thatís really mentoring, whether in India or U.S. The challenge with new generation resources is imparting that knowledge on them. Itís a critical job; we want them to have pride in their job and to think about their job. It is crucial they have a sense of ownership.


It is important to understand the customers. One of the key visions through Unisys is, we are customer focused. We have a diverse group of experience on a global basis. We take those resources that are either developed and brought in with the expertise, and shared with the industry. It is very important that if we want to stay in the business, we need to understand the customerís specific needs and deliver it to them.

That is the vision - Being customer focused!