Identifying New Prospectus in Capital Venturing

Date:   Thursday , October 31, 2013

Artiman based in Bangalore and California, is known for its white space investment strategy. The VC firm is sector agnostic and trans-disciplinary by design.

The cornerstone of Artiman Ventures technology-diversified investment strategy is investing in \'white spaces\', which they define as large opportunities where a company has no identifiable competitors, and a market or technology lead of at least two months. They are the overlooked areas possessing immense potential but lingering in support. The white space investors look into investing in the sectors with fewer or no crowds and tend to move back in a trend forming sector.

Investing in current trends is not an option, but to support innovative ideas for business and to expand the existing small businesses. This is a unique strategy to adopt, get opportunities and invest in such markets.
The sectors to choose within the white space investing are plenty. Oberon - an agro based company, Aditazz a construction company, Cellworks a drug company, Prysm developer of world\'s largest displays occupies this sector and in addition to that these are associated to trans-disciplinary domains. Trans-disciplinary areas include two or more technologies, wherein the industry concerned involves two or more technologies for its function.

There are few opportunities within the nascent technology sector. One of them is \'materials\' that can impact on human life. The materials may be concerned to consumer products, industrial products, pharmacy or therapeutic industries. The other is associated with the application of analytics.

The opportunity for innovation for startups in the trans-disciplinary perspective depends completely on entrepreneurs. The key goal is to choose an area of their passion, find the customer problem, make sure it is large enough and there will definitely be plenty of opportunities\' on offers.

Companies Need To Stay Focused

One of the challenges companies encounter is associated in solving the right problem of their customers, wherein they are ready to pay. The key is to focus and gather the right team. Satisfying all the customers simultaneously is out of the box. For example, solving three different problems for three different customers is a cumbersome process. So it is very important for companies to stay focused and to be focused, they need to have a great team. The team should be successful enough to grow the company rather than bent towards accomplishing individual glory. So the three key takeaways for a successful entrepreneurial journey would be to hire the right team, find the right problem to address and stay focused throughout.