Rage Communications: Conquering the Digital Arena Ferociously

Date:   Thursday , February 11, 2016

To cut through the clutter and establish their dominance, organizations nowadays must herald their endearment for clients through their digital assets. In fact, today\'s businesses cannot exist without a significant online presence, be it for transaction purposes (such as e-Commerce), customer acquisition, customer service and relationship management, brand building or general online advertising. Precisely predicting this revolution way back in 1996 has empowered Rage Communications to shine brightly as one of India\'s top three web development agencies. Operating as a digital partner to its clients with a proactive and consultative approach, Rage strategically thinks and develops overall digital strategies for its client\'s products, services, brands and customers.

\"While we are clearly in the technology business, it is our ability to understand the key role digital plays in the overall business objectives and processes of our clients that enable us to add real value,\" divulges JRK Rao, Managing Director, Rage Communications. The company\'s process-driven production capability facilitates it to execute digital strategy in a timely and cost-efficient manner. \"We may have been one of the first companies to go online, and certainly one of the first to offer online services,\" adds Karthik Kumar, Director, Rage Communications. Rage is one of the first companies in India to build transactional e-Commerce sites and also a pioneer in offering professional web design & development services.

Weathering the Storms

Born in an era when web and online marketing was hardly heard of, convincing prospects about the need to go online was a Herculean task for Rage. On the plus side, it was relatively easy to demonstrate the power of online communication in the literally limitless market. Tremendous credit to its singular focus on providing real value for clients and tight-fisted financial management, Rage persistently grew despite the recessions and today it stands tall as a Rs.30 crore revenue generating entity.

This Chennai-based company with offices also in Mumbai, Sydney and Singapore works with over 100 clients at any time. Airtel, Jones Lange Lasalle (in 12 countries), Monexo (Hong Kong), Soak & Sleep (UK), Sydney Opera House (Australia) and Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) are a few amongst them. Successfully meeting and exceeding client expectations constantly, Rage takes pride in the fact that all of its biggest clients have been with the company for so many years, and are willing to provide references unhesitatingly. For instance, Citibank, which started as its client in 2003 in one country, is now working with Rage in 18 different countries.

End-to-End Services in Digital arena

Rage helps e-Commerce clients to improve conversion rates by improving online shopping experience for visitors and enables consumer product companies to enhance brand value by managing their Social Media assets and improving consumer engagement with their brands online. The company facilitates BFSI companies to maximize lead generation (especially qualified leads) by optimizing the structure and presentation of websites\' content as well as through maximizing traffic through online promotion. Rage increases the traffic to its client\'s digital assets through diverse online marketing and promotion techniques including SEO, Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Display Advertising and Database Marketing among others.

A Collaborative Ambience

Amongst Rage\'s youthful team with an average age of 31 years, an overwhelming majority have advanced qualifications in their line of work. Of the company\'s 220 employees, about 50 percent are in technology function, and a further 25 percent in the Creative and User Experience functions. As many as 25 of them are Business Analysts with the ability to work closely with clients, understand their business requirements and evolve digital solutions. Inhabiting in an extremely informal and collaborative milieu, employees at all levels are actively encouraged to look well beyond their own immediate tasks to understand client requirements at the business level. \"We encourage all of our people to seek professional certification, and to devote at least a part of their time for skills enhancement,\" remarks Karthik. Keen on staying on top of today\'s rapidly evolving technology landscape, Rage is investing time, energy and training to ensure that its technology teams are constantly upgrading their knowledge.

The company is actively working towards productizing some of its in-house developments to serve as products and platforms that can eventually be offered as Open Source products. Successfully acquired some of the most demanding and discerning clients in APAC, in future, Rage aims to focus strongly on the Indian market (from mid to large sized corporates), develop a client base in North America through its existing global client base and targets to hit the Rs.100 crore landmark during this decade. Intending to be even more proactive and consultative in its approach, Rage is improving its offering for Indian corporate clients by building the capability to enable them to transform themselves digitally. As the digital revolution is offering unimaginable opportunities for businesses, Rage is ferociously striving to enable its clients to truly exploit it.

Key Management:

JRK Rao, Managing Director

An IIT and IIM alumnus, JRK has over 35 years of experience in advertising, marketing, projects and general management. At Rage, JRK manages all technology initiatives of the organization besides spearheading strategic business expansion and growth.

Karthik Kumar, Director

Karthik is a strategy expert and online medium aficionado with over 35 years of professional business experience. His experience in strong \'people-are-assets\' businesses equips him to understand the challenges and rewards of managing and retaining talent.