Brisa Technologies: Fostering Research & Development Work Culture

Date:   Friday , April 04, 2014

Brisa Technologies is the brain child of the serial entrepreneur, Subodh Patil, who earlier founded two companies. Established in 2009, this five-year old startup inherited the tradition and work culture that of an established organization pulling itself much ahead of other startups. Brisa Technologies, like any other world-class organization, has mature and employee friendly HR policies and processes. With its focus on comprehensive employee development, Brisa Technologies has extensive training programs adding significant value to its employees in area of technology and innovation.

This Bangalore based start-up endeavors to keep itself on the cutting edge of technology by fostering Research & Development (R&D) culture. To foster this, Brisa has established Brisa Leadership Team (BLT) encompassing people who contributed towards the growth of the organization going out of the way. BLT provides one mentor to each fresher with whom they can discuss their issues and come out with a solution. The company conducts interesting and challenging technical contests, in which groups of two or three people form a team and solve that problem.

\"We also have internal labs and product groups, which always work with cutting edge technology, interesting problems and innovative ideas,\" adds Sunil Nayak, a BLT member.

Dolly Kumari, another BLT member, says, \"BLT is a program to create next tier of leadership of Brisa. Any employee can become part of this club based on his or her contribution to Brisa\'s growth\".

In 2013, apart from R&D activities, BLT focused on training experienced people on customer satisfaction and delight, leading a team, problem solving, time management, project management and quality assurance. \"As a part of this, we saw excellent improvement in customer satisfaction and delight. We have bigger plans for 2014,\" says Prabhakaran, another BLT member. Thus, Brisa provides wide range of cutting-edge software services & solutions to the Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Storage and Semiconductor industries that significantly reduce project costs & risks, accelerate time-to-market, and bring significant improvement in client\'s business processes and development life cycles. Testimony to this is the recent Indian Leadership Award been given to Brisa Technologies by All India Achievers Foundation for its contribution to IT & Embedded Industry.