V-Soft Consulting Group: A True Partner For All Your IT Employment and Project Needs

Date:   Thursday , December 11, 2014

With the recession and related job cuts mostly behind us and the market coming out of the black days of economic turmoil, more and more industries have finally started to open up for expansion. Today is a jobseeker\'s market in many industries including Financial Services, Legal Services, Higher Education, and Information Technology (IT). This trend has triggered the staffing industry which has become a major influence on the market.

The staffing industry works in an exceedingly dynamic business environment focusing on the needs of clients. The industry no longer just replaces absentee workers with temporary ones, but has slowly emerged as a strategic partner for its clients by providing an entire array of IT solutions and services. The staffing industry has seen an enormous wing towards recruiting professionals from varied streams such as finance, sales, engineering, IT, and management. Addressing this vast potent market with niche focus on the IT sector is V-Soft Consulting Group, an IT Staffing and IT Business Solutions provider. Their focus efforts include, but are not limited to, the areas of Higher Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance, and Manufacturing. The company partners with clients to deliver high-performing talent and exceptional business solutions which several other recruiting firms fail to offer or simply cannot provide. Some of these solutions include: IT Recruiting and Staff Augmentation, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Mobile Application Development, Custom Software Application Development, Web Application Solutions, and Software Implementations.

The IT Staffing Genius

While high demand for skilled workers prove to be a challenge for organizations of any size, large firms see significant scale advantage when it comes to recruiting new employees. Smaller firms or cash-strapped businesses hesitate to start hiring even when they need employees, due to the actual cost of hiring. It is easy to forget that an employee, in terms of cost, means more than just the salary. The cost of recruitment, training, and benefits add more to the organizations bottom line expenses.

Therefore, simply finding the right person to hire becomes challenging. Once the right person is in place, organizations then provide training to ensure the new hire is ready to start producing for the company. Most companies today provide training for their employees, which turns out to be a costly investment, taking the recruiting budget far higher than expected. V-Soft helps these organizations by saving them valuable company time during the recruiting and staffing process. V-Soft\'s desire for perfection makes them stand out from the rest. The firm retains quality staff and renders quality and proven processes. Their skilled and thoroughly trained recruiting resources, both onshore and offshore, not only screens for the top available talent through telephone and video conferencing, but provides them with the latest training opportunities to be industry and technically ready for the job. They also increase leads for existing H1-B consultants, enhancing the quality of candidate relationships, improving technical acumen of recruiting targets, and providing speed of placement, particularly for offshore resources. Thus, the company has achieved tremendous success and maintained financial growth and stability since their inception in 1997.

\"IT staffing has become more prominent and more organizations are looking to supplement their current IT staff with highly-skilled and experienced consultants. In the due course of time, they have recognized that it is more relevant to utilize a staffing organization like us who provides them with the ability to ramp up specific IT expertise based on their technology demands,\" explains Purna Veer, Co-Founder &President, V-Soft Consulting Group.

V-Soft Consulting is more than just an IT Staffing and IT Business Solutions provider. They are a true partner who are always ready to help. They constantly engage their clients through scheduled meetings and conference calls, staying informed and keeping their recruiting team prepared for upcoming fluctuations in staffing and project demands. \"As a company, our top priority is to make our customer\'s happy and we believe that this goal is what truly makes us different from other IT companies and our India office helps us achieve our goals,\" says Purna.
India is a significant contributor for the staffing industry due to the sheer volume of its talent and workforce. This Louisville, Kentucky headquartered company bets a lot on the growth opportunity here in India through their Hyderabad-based office. \"India plays a major role for us both as a contributor and in our market segments. We rely on our India office staff to fill many professional roles. From application development to recruiting top talent, our India-based professionals are a main contributor for our organization and gives V-Soft the requisite skills and reliability to remain a leader in the IT Staffing and IT Business Solutions markets,\" explains Purna.

Incredible Success

V-Soft Consulting works with their clients to provide IT recruiting and staffing as well as IT business solutions to fill existing technology needs. \"We recruit and deliver hard to find, niche positions positions that other companies are not able to find and provide. Since our inception, V-Soft Consulting has seen tremendous growth and success. We are now one of the leaders in providing top IT talent for our clients,\" says a proud Purna Veer, President & Co-Owner, V-Soft Consulting. Some of the clients V-Soft has successfully delivered qualified consultants to are GE, Xerox, Papa John\'s International, University of North Carolina, and Humana Healthcare to name a few. The testament to this success is the profound acknowledgements from clients and consultants. For example:
\"I can confidently recommend V-Soft as a solid and reliable IT staffing and business solutions partner. Maintaining a large, in-house IT staff can be challenging, as workloads rise and fall periodically over 12-18 months. Utilizing V-Soft has allowed us to ramp up or down our workforce based on need. This flexibility has been a key for us in meeting business needs and balancing our costs,\"Director of Product Development, long term care pharmacy company.

V-Soft Consulting is constantly changing its business dynamics to continue to acquire IT talent and solutions. They have become industry leaders who understand the power of new and innovative ideas. Organizations in the business solutions market are looking to bring on outside partners to help them with internal technology projects. This helps them focus on day-to-day operations while getting their projects completed on-time and within budget. The seasoned leaders of the organization and the growing team of highly-driven IT consultants support, build, and execute a wide-range of technology staffing and business solutions. With each successful project, V-Soft has grown leaps and bounds both in size and influence. Over the years, the company has evolved from being a single individual in Purna Veer, to a worldwide organization with over 460 employees and growing. The management staff is closely involved with the team and work as a productive and effective resource with collaboration and teamwork starting at the Executive level. The company currently envisions expanding their workforce in India and the U.S. to maintain the highest level of service for their client\'s projects and staffing needs.



1. Inavero\'s 2014 Best of Staffing Award
2. Best Places to Work in Kentucky 2014
3. Business First\'s 2013 Company of the Year Award (Eagle Award), Medium Sized Company
4. Business First Fast 50 Growing Companies (9 years)
5. Inc. 5000 (8 consecutive years)
6. Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist
7. Staffing Industry Analyst Award
8. Partners in Philanthropy
9. TSMSDC 2013 Million Dollar MBE to MBE Spend Award
10. TSMSDC 2012 Supplier of the Year Finalist

Key Management:

President: Purna Veer, President

Purna has nearly two decades of industry experience. He remains engaged with his team and involved in client meetings and project initiatives. As an engaged leader, Purna provides a level of commitment, interaction, and insight above and beyond the normal expectations of a company president.

Key Management:

Radhika Veer CEO
Purna Veer President
Jai Bokey Vice President, Operations
John Hughes Vice President, National Sales
Ron Reeves Vice President, Business Solutions
Satya Nandyala Vice President, Resource Management
Phil Williams Corporate Counsel
Mark Hudson CPA, Consulting CFO


V-Soft Consulting provides a multitude of solution offerings for their clients. From .NET consultants to mobile application development, the company provides the resources and solutions for a multitude of technology projects. Some of their partnership solutions include, but are not limited to:

1.Oracle Platinum
2. Microsoft Gold
3. Gartner
4. ServiceNow
5. Informatica
6. Salesforce
7. IBM
8. Bullhorn
9. SAP
10. Cisco
11. VMware
12. Adobe