Sollet Soft: Envisioning a Unified World of Eco systems

Date:   Monday , December 09, 2013

Ramesh Baswa, Co-Founder and MD/CEO of Sollet Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd believes that innovation should be imbibed into the organization through each employee and they should work to bring in humungous value to the Organization and the Society. With over 18 years of experience in the IT industry in Telecom/ISP domain, Ramesh Baswa felt that to empower the society and help it function in an efficient manner, there was the need for highly scalable Cloud based systems that could integrate different Eco systems of the world. With this strong vision, Ramesh Baswa co-founded Sollet Soft Solutions in September 2012 to define the most efficient way the world can work using it\'s Cloud based IT Eco systems to bring in social impact.
The Hyderabad based Sollet has industry experts envisaged to implement a highly innovative and leading edgeIT solutions for large & small Enterprises, Governmentsand Private sector Organizations. The company has wider industry exposure in the Banking, Telecom, Insurance and IT sectors that can bring ina paradigm shift the way the worldcan workusing it\'s state of the art and highly scalable IT Eco systems involving Cloud based SaaS modeling.

Pepon: Integrating EcoSystems

Sollet\'s universal and overall encompassing product \'Pepon(Greek word for Pumkin)\' is an underpinning Enterprise framework for divergent modules: Steering, mee-Com, Buzz and Eco System. All these modules rely on Service delivery frameworksconsisting of a Channel Partner, Agent, End Customer and Business/Service Provider. The product has enabled several businesses to bring in a revolutionizing change in the way they can extend their businesses using it\'s low cost extension models. For an instance,a prominent Dairy from Tamilnadu with more than 2000 Co-operative societiesall over the State has to make the payments for every 15 days to itís Milk suppliers. Due to lack of transparency and efficiency in the Eco system, the Organization was losing a greater revenue every year. This is when they put their trust in Solletís expertise.

Sollet has helped the Dairy to tie up with a major Bank for online and real-time Dairy payments for their Milk suppliers using it\'s product \'Pepon\'. This has been envisaged to create more than couple of Lakhs of Bank accounts for the Milk suppliers. Now, the Dairy can envision to transfer bulk amount of cash to the relevant Milk supplier Bank account in the Bank directly. Sollet has equipped the each Co-operative society with a simple Mobile and Fingerprint device for enabling the Banking/Non-Banking transactions. Similarly Sollet has tied up with various Financial Service organizations for extending their Micro SIP, Micro Insurance etc. new businesses to the underserved & unexplored areas for their next level business growth using ĎPeponí. This unique approach has the potential to extend the current form of Financial inclusion across India in a more effective and viable manner beyond the usual focus on only Banking services.
Ramesh Baswa is looking forward to carry out such collaborations for serving the underserved and unexplored areas of the industry. The company is also bringing the B2B space for E-Commerce world using the Merchandise module in Pepon product, and using a unique Franchise modelin India and abroad. This can bring in a paradigm shift the way E-Commerce can get into the next level growth. With over Five year roadmap for all its products, Sollet is aiming for beyond 4000 Agent network across India by April 2014 and targeting for beyond 100,000 Agent network across the country by 2017-18. The leaders of Sollet believe that bringing IT Eco systems involving highly innovative technologies along with effective business modeling is the key for a greater effectiveness and success.