Mobonair Wireless: Driven by Passion & Commitment

Date:   Tuesday , December 08, 2015

\'Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, harness your power to your passion. Honor your calling. Everybody has one. Trust your heart, and success will come to you\' ~ Oprah Winfrey.

This seems to be the calling for Sandeep Pandey and Sandesh Pandey, who despite of hailing from medical and technology background decided to follow their passion to provide the world with uncompromising digital marketing solutions. The duo proudly says, \"Marketing is something which has always attracted us. We love ads!\" Yes, you heard it right. The duo were so fascinated by the ads that they did not switch channels during ad breaks, but would rather discuss about the creativity, synergy and the strategies behind each of them. This fascination pulled them in deep, and hence Mobonair Wireless came into being in 2013 as a digital marketing solutions company. Mobonair provides users an enterprise level control on every marketing edge irrespective of the size of the organization.

Mobonair, an ISO certified company, provides every digital marketing service that has its presence in the market. These services are developed and monitored in-house by 24x7 dedicated support team and the company ensures that these services are delivered at the lowest price to its customers. To do so, Mobonair plans to team-up with experts and develop in-house expertise each focused on clients\' and prospects\' best interest. With \'customer first\' motto, the quality of Mobonair\'s services and work has been its USP.

The Inception Story

Sandeep and Sandesh have been following the marketing industry much before it laid its foot in India. \"During the millennium year when there was the bubble burst, for a brief moment, no one knew what would happen next in digital marketing. But by the end of 2001, it all became clear - Google. Its new approach to relevancy ranking changed the way everyone does business today - and with that came the reincarnation of digital marketing,\" says Sandeep, Founder, Mobonair Wireless. The duo was mesmerized by what digital marketing was capable of. Hence, they started working as freelancer and consultants in the beginning. Initially, the services were offered for sale to introduce them to the market. However, the success of these services largely banked on the response which the clients got from campaigning. And it was more than satisfactory. This paved the way for Mobonair. The duo assorted company\'s offerings with wide range of services including 2-way messaging, Enterprise Messaging, Lead Based Marketing, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing and others.

But the journey to the pinnacle was a rollercoaster ride. Slammed hard by the dearth of market penetration and lack of funds, Mobonair also suffered due to wrong government policies and unfair taxes that made the problem even bigger to offer low cost services. \"But we kept fighting and the small works kept or fuels running. With hard work, luck and God\'s grace, slowly we are catching up the market,\" asserts Sandesh, Co-Founder, Mobonair Wireless. Sandeep reminisces, \"Startup success is not about the product or the technology or even the management. It is about picking the right market at the right time - and then having the product, technology and management to ride the market wave. Time is everything in life and in entrepreneurship. This best advice received from an industry veteran still drives our fuel\".

The ever developing and passionate Mobonairians has always given the company a clean edge over its competition. To gain quick momentum in the market, Mobonair hired its initial employees (Ashutosh Shukla & Robin Issac) who already worked with them in the past and knew about the work standards. \"And after Abhishek Tiwari joined as company\'s business manager, it has been a smooth ride till now,\" adds Sandeep. Today, the extremely dedicated team is ready to work 24x7 and the company encourages them to learn new technologies. Soon Mobonair is going to roll out attractive benefits for people who want to learn.
Mobonair\'s casual work culture even provisions employees to work in pyjamas to keep them comfortable through their long working hours, and parties & celebrations are a must for Mobonairians. \"We have not participated in any award ceremony but we believe that our happy customer base and a team with zeal to outperform is our biggest achievement,\" says Sandeep.

En Route to Future

With four new products in pipeline, Mobonair is already riding high. The company envisions taking customers\' business to the mobile terminal which obviates many via media, and the connect is instant. \"Our cherished vision of affecting a rapid upswing in business results through ingenious customized wireless messaging technologies in a two-way system ,\" concludes Sandeep. Customers are the center of everything Mobonair does and that reflects in the company\'s mission.
The company is also working on some tools which will surely change the game of digital marketing in India and is in the process of launching a youth centric fashion magazine. The bootstrapped company has no plans as of now to raise funds but is open for any as it will help the company to grow and be more aggressive to develop new solutions.


Key Management

Sandeep Pandey, Co-Founder

Sandeep has been in the marketing field since 8 years. A live and cheerful person, Sandeep believes in \'work hard, party harder\' ideology. He knows very well the needs of today\'s businesses and has a powerful and effective approach to gauge the market changes and synergize the team\'s working to deliver best quality to the clients.

Sandesh Pandey, Co-Founder

Sandesh has seen it all. The company\'s live wire, he is the energizing bunny for his team. Enthusiastic, innovative and a steal will to excel has helped him take the company to new heights. The risk taking attitude, unconventional approach to problems and a heart to deliver the best has taken Sandesh has given him recognition and respect from all of the industry throughout the country.


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Offices: New Delhi (headquarter), Bangalore and Lucknow

Clients: BSNL, ZTE, UrbanClap, DLF Brands, Shree Vardhman Developers and Madan Malviya Technical University amongst several others