JHD - e SALON SPA Software: Aligning the Beauty Business with Technology

Date:   Friday , December 30, 2016

In 2008, when the internet was not as it is now and POS systems were relatively new in India with selected big businesses using them, a salon chain from Mumbai was in need of a solution that could track the overall sales, bookings, inventories and business from different outlets spread across different geographies and align them with the head office. Without any proper solution for it, the owner was forced to single handedly manage the reports from all the branches, making the task even more difficult. This is when they took the aid of a software development company providing internet-based information services named JHD - The Complete Solutions. The CMO of JHD, Jamit Vala, took the matter very seriously and within a year JHD developed a product named Visit JHD - e SALON SPA Software - SalonSpa.in which could track all the business information from every outlet and report them to the head office, therefore making the owner of the salon chain free from the problems and complications.

The Software & its Features

Developed and first installed in the year 2009, the JHD - e SALON SPA Software has now transformed into a powerful and easy to employ online salon and spa management software which provides a complete package of POS solutions designed for the beauty industry consisting of salons (Hair Salon, Nail Salon, Beauty Parlour), spa (Day Spa, Massage Spa, Nail Spa, Medi Spa), massage centers and many more. \"This product has all the features that one can find in a POS of a retails store; but we have made our product a little more specific to serve the beauty industry,\" says Jasmit.

The software has proved its worth in the market for the past six years and has all the latest trends and software updated regularly in it making sure the software gain stability which makes it stand out amongst other POS solutions which are not generally that updated. The JHD - e SALON SPA Software is completely a feature-based software which caters the four verticals that Jasmit thinks are the four pillars for any business, which includes managing clients (managing bookings, billings, remainders), managing the company (employee management), managing inventory (tracking stocks, orders, products) and the final being managing the expenses. It uses Amazon Cloud to store all the data recorded by the software, therefore enabling data security and accessibility through multiple platforms.

Overcoming the Challenges

Training and support is one of the major challenges among the companies providing POS solutions. But JHD - e SALON SPA Software is backed by JHD\'s efficient support and training services. After its inception, more than 2300 managers have been trained in handling and managing the software. The 1200+ clients of the product receive regular training sessions by the company whenever there is any new update in the software and are encouraged to use JHD\'s support services whenever they want. These efficient features and support services of the software has made it one of the most used software in the beauty industry and also helped the revenue grow at around 160 percent in the past two years.

With majority of its work divided into two sections, JHD - e SALON SPA Software has around 10 employees working in the technical sections and more than 100 employees working in the training and support section. After being fairly successful with its technical solutions, be that consulting, marketing, online, marketing, providing software solutions and many more, JHD now hopes its software to be a one-stop solution for the country\'s beauty industry.