Date:   Wednesday , June 08, 2011

Bangalore based Bathudun is a Presales and Solution Assessments, Consulting and Learning Company that offers end to end services in winning large deals as well as sustaining existing customers. IThe company has built a well-knit bouquet of strategic Sales, Presales and Solutioning assessment solutions on scenario building for any given process. It offers Solutioning/Presales Consulting, Training/Intervention, Assessments and Products to support the Solutioning/presales teams of companies engaged in Application Outsourcing (AO), Infrastructure Outsourcing (IO), Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) and related areas. "Our Solution Effectiveness Assessment tools help IT & ITES organizations in winning more business and in sustaining existing business. We identify, address and extend the organizationís current Solutioning effectiveness and capabilities via predicting and capturing business to achieve high ROI," says Ravindra Chandrashekara, Founder of Bathudun.

Within a span of almost two years, the company has four of the top industry-leading firms in its kitty. Ravindra has a deep Solutioning/presales background in the IT corporations like CTS, IBM, Wipro, HP GlobalSoft, LogicaCMG and other IT MNCs. He understands that to steer others' business it's important to keep oneself upgraded with the market and hence, as he reveals, the company is on the steps of providing Sales, Solutioning, Presales assessments processes through cloud-based solution. They have a comprehensive tie-up with the academia and industry for their offerings, backed by global research of deals, buying and selling patterns.

BathuDun's consulting division offers Solutioning Excellence Program and Solutioning Development Program, wherein it ensures the organization's Solutioning Force Automation is rightly equipped for responding to global large deals. Today, as the company gears up to turn on its revenues massively with a significant bite into the $2 billion consulting market of India, it is mulling on franchise models too within the next two years.