Kelly Services India: Taking Audacious Moves to Cultivate Renaissance Amongst the Staffing Industry

Date:   Wednesday , June 10, 2015

There is no denying that talent remains a decisive component of an organization\'s long term competitiveness. How they develop, attract and retain talent should remain high on the agenda of policymakers and business leaders for an outstanding future. But even developed countries today witness a serious shortage of recruits with critical soft skills that companies require. It is no wonder such a strategic asset comes with unique challenges. For many, gaining access to the right talent is a nightmare, as the supply and demand of this resource are hard to predict. Also, competition mapping has become imperative to understand where the different types of talent come from, how to attract and engage them, and most importantly, how to design a roadmap for incorporating talent into a company\'s business processes, decision and planning. Hence, it is imperative for companies to partner with such HRO companies who can open new war chest to help them through these byzantine times.

With HR services that have the efficacy to obliterate such duress of companies, and no bulldozing tactics, Kelly Services, Inc. has been the king of the workforce realm since its inception in 1946. The company\'s fleet of armada consists of outsourcing and consulting services along with world-class staffing on a temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct-hire basis. Serving clients around the world, Kelly provides employment to more than 555,000 employees annually and has revenue of $5.6 billion in 2014. Yes, you heard it right!

Exhilarating Journey in India

India has come a long way from the days it was considered as a land of snake charmers and oriental bric´┐Ża-barc! Today, the images that are getting conjured up in the minds of global citizens have more to do with highly skilled human resources that vest the power to change any company\'s dynamics. But the truth is, the country too suffers a deficit of skilled labor and global talent mobility is still a major concern here. Also, organizations have a narrow scope towards talent acquisition, with super specialization being the key. On the other hand, escalating costs in the metros are pushing companies to move towards tier II cities. However, there is a paucity of skilled talent in these cities and the talent from metros is not willing to relocate.
Kelly sensed these intricacies long ago, hence started their journey in India in 2001 with corporate office in Gurgaon. Since then, the company has grown to be a trusted workforce solutions partner for organizations needing talent solutions. \"Initially, our operations were focused on staffing. Later, we enhanced our solutions to include direct hiring of permanent employees. We have now evolved to focus on specific industries including life sciences, engineering, consumer services, finance and technology,\" asserts a proud Kamal Karanth, Managing Director, Kelly Services & KellyOCG India.

With the considerable amount of investment made in outsourcing and consulting business over a period of time, Kelly has become the partner of choice and plays a pivotal role in streamlining the talent supply chain of several big multinationals. Addressing the unique colossal challenges of the recruitment industry, Kelly Outsourcing Services and Consulting Group (KellyOCG) offers numerous niche services to their clients. This includes recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), contingent workforce outsourcing (CWO), talent management consulting, executive search, career transition and executive coaching. \"We see huge potential in the RPO and managed services provider (MSP) spaces in India. We will continue to develop and deliver solutions that provide our clients with needed talent, ranging from integrating on-line staffing exchanges into our programs to delivering workforce analytics across the full-time to contingent employee continuum,\" says Kamal.

The success of any business depends on how well they align their talent strategy to business strategy, and it\'s no rocket science. KellyOCG has invested heavily in the development of Talent Supply Chain Management (TSCM) strategies that allow organizations to simplify, accelerate and innovate around talent to put steel into the spine of clients\' business. Irrespective of the clients\' talent needs, Kelly sources the talent through their TSCM model by combining the best solutions available in the market and offers it to their customers as a single storefront. This is why the company is celebrated as the leader in global advisor of talent supply chain strategies market.

KellyOCG\'s RPO solutions, the flagship offering, offer high volume hiring for multinational and local companies, who seek talents in financial services, IT and the consumer services industry. The experience of nearly six decades has enabled the company to frame strategies that are out-of-the-box but completely relevant to clients of all sizes. The company\'s MSP services engage the best suppliers on clients\' behalf. \"It\'s the power of having our own recruiters combined with recruiters from our supplier partners. We leverage our supplier network to provide the best solutions to our customers. We feel that we are unique in applying our TSCM model in the RPO space,\" says Kamal.

Listening is an art that is not mastered by everyone. How well you listen has a major impact on your work effectiveness and on the quality of your relationships with others. Hence, Kelly takes heed to the customers and understands their business goals and challenges before proposing any solution. Ideas are then taken up by the company and evangelized using analytics to design a solution supporting the overall business goals of the clients\' organization. The resulting solution is either delivered by Kelly directly or through one of their supplier partners in their talent supply chain. Systems are built in to drive continuous improvement and innovation, and formal program benchmarking & measurement along with standardized processes meant to measure client, candidate and supplier satisfaction. \"More and more companies are coming to us with questions on how to best integrate strategies and programs across different talent types. For instance, what\'s the best way to create a single platform office that can handle multiple talent requests, whether the talent is full-time, contingent or statement of work,\" explains Kamal.

Innovation, from Inside Out

Recruitment industry is relatively at its infancy in India; hence several players are going at it hammer and tongs in creating best terms with this fast paced sector. On the other hand, the industry faces an extreme paucity of skilled employees. Kelly manufactures their own talent in-house where internal growth stories, learning opportunities and work-life balance have increased engagement, pomp and productivity manifold. \"Many of our colleagues witnessed good growth for themselves in India and our best talents get to work in our international operations. The Kelly Learning Academy (KLA) nurtures critical talent, and helps them stay cognizant and acquire skills that mold them into better, more competent working professionals,\" proclaims Kamal. Kellyans (employees) get cajoled by the transparency, open communication and connected leadership that extol them. Learning lies at the heart of the company which reflects in the opportunities Kellyans gain to innovate in their personal areas of strength and plan their career growth, thus building best synergies with clients and elating them.

The company is making significant strides in adding value to clients and helping them grow their business through the dynamic workforce solutions they have introduced. \"As we further grow our staffing business and impact our clients, we are aggressively focusing on growing our RPO and MSP practices in India. We trust that we have the right mix of know-how and talent to scale the business and provide clients holistic solutions. We believe KellyOCG offers solutions that will shape our wave of growth in India,\" concludes Kamal. Kelly is also working towards introducing an expanded array of solutions and believes that the next couple of years will be a defining moment for them to enter new service lines and gain greater mind share of their clients.

Key Management:

Kamal Karanth, Managing Director, Kelly Services & KellyOCG India

With over two decades of experience in recruitment and pharma industry, Kamal has a proven track record of setting up staffing business operations, talent supply chain consulting, change management and turnaround.