zolipe Exploring Niche Segments

Date:   Tuesday , June 02, 2009

With weighbridges spread all across India and abroad, the owner of these weighbridges, saw the level of inconvenience rising at a fast pace. The cost of monitoring the operations of the remotely located weighbridges, the travel costs supplementing with the security concerns like the tampering of the data, posed an adverse impact on the firm’s business. Seeking a breather to the situation, the company pursued different firms that offer weighbridge solutions; however, the quest remained futile till they chanced upon their real time saver in the form of WeighZone 2.0 built by Zolipe Solutions Pvt Ltd, an open source IT solution provider.

Zolipe offers real time monitoring of the operations while saving on the hassles of being physically present at the different places. “Zolipe was the right thing that happened to us, when all hopes were shattered. None of the firms could understand our needs but Zolipe, which efficiently customized a weighbridge software solution as per our requirements and also ensured detailed training on its usage” said Ngadilingeswara Raju, Chief Technology Officer at the Bahrain Ferro Alloys BSC (c) (BAFA), a non-integrated ferro-alloy producer. Courtesy Zolipe, Raju can now, enjoy long vacations in India without hampering his business in Bahrain.

Bangalore-based Zolipe took shape during the late 2005, to build a software for weighbridge companies. The core management team comprises of Prashanth Shetty (CEO), Raghavendra Hebbar (CTO) and Abhishek Bhandary (CCO), who have it all that it takes to survive, compete and grow in the currently competitive and crowded IT space. The weighbridge solution, Weighzone was their core focus to bridge the IT gap. The product is designed for maintaining and operating various models of weighbridges used by many industries, mainly by the mining and steel industries. The upshot of approaching the niche segment is well-noticed in their customer base of more than 200 companies.

Etching a footprint on the niche-mining segment, the company is currently working on a solution that would allow it to further strengthen its hold on the $7 billion poultry industry. Flockticus, which is designed to cater to Poultry and Hatchery resource management, would hit the market after eight months. “It will be an integrated management solution, assimilating production management, inventory management, accounts and sales management, estimation, costing, and management of reports which are customizable. We look forward to grab a huge share in the South East Asian and the Middle East market with Flockticus by the end of 2012,” said Abhishek Bhandary, Head of Commercial Operations, Zolipe. The company’s confidence lies in the integrated solution due to the absence of such one-stop solution for poultry industry in the market. “Cost is always a major factor in the industry today, and the use of opensource technologies has helped us to deliver quality solutions at very reasonable costs, “ Bhandary, CCO said.

The company’s zeal to excel becomes more prominent, while it faces the different challenges in terms of lack of IT knowledge and hesitancy in the acceptance of new technologies. Once deployed, there is more focus to train them on the usability of the solution. To curb the confusion, the company’s solutions are designed in a very user friendly format. “To train our users, we have ensured trainers with regional language proficiency and each of them are selected after rigorous training processes,” says Hebbar, CTO.

“Starting from the technology we use, design and architecture to the usability we ensure that the quality factor is the highest compared to other softwares. You have to be that way, infact thats the only way forward,” says Prashanth Shetty, CEO. Eventually, the IT solution provider has expanded to 36 members with sales offices in Bangalore & Bellary. Zolipe currently provides services to customers in India, USA, Canada, UAE & Nigeria. The company foresees itself with a firm grip on the Indian market delivering on its unique models of products and services, paving way to achieve its goal to be a leader in IT consulting and services on emerging open-source technologies in niche segments.