Sharing Matters, Offers Don’t

Date:   Tuesday , January 31, 2006

Over the last couple of months we have met several HR managers and heads of IT companies to understand the recruitment challenges they face. Literally, all of them had one common complaint—Candidates take the job offer but do not show up.

IT professionals take pride in having multiple job offers. While their focus is on maximizing the earning potential they are missing the bigger picture—shaping their own career.

Someone once said that if you choose a career with a job you enjoy, you would never work a day in your life. A large number of IT professionals in India should contemplate on this thought. Instead, they are busy finding out who is making how much money. They have to reflect on their own passion. Do they wonder what career paths senior managers in their own organizations have followed?

Today, anyone with an Internet connection can access cutting edge research in science and technology. Many brilliant people, here in India, are now tackling the world’s toughest challenges. Thanks to the Internet and search engines, information is being shared like never before. A population that previously was completely shut off to this knowledge is undertaking great collaborative research. Increase in communication leads to societal progress.

Building on the same analogy, if increasing number of professionals in the industry share their career experience with the younger talent, it’s logical to expect the pace of nation development to accelerate.
When you share your career experiences and build friendships around the world, opportunities and satisfaction will know no boundaries.

This is your opportunity to ask those questions and more. Go up to your manager or mentor and ask: Are you willing to share your career experiences? We’d also like to know what you think on this? Do write back.

Pradeep Shankar