Qtech Software: Driving Customer Delight with Constant Innovation & Dedicated Support

Date:   Tuesday , July 28, 2015

Travel organizations have realized that technology is not an expense, but an investment that multiplies effort and delivers value in the long run. This makes it essential to choose the right external development partner with a thorough specialization in the domain. Especially while starting from scratch, to build a viable product, travel companies need to build up on existing partner experience to convert their business models and processes onto technology in a manner that can be easily assimilated into operations on the ground, with as low a learning curve as possible. Beyond the technology itself, after sales support and innovation is key to driving growth in a constantly evolving market.

Having grown with and been a part of the evolution of technology in the travel space for about ten years, Qtech Software, an enterprise software solutions company, brings profound domain expertise to the table. Laying utmost emphasis on keeping clients happy, the Mumbai headquartered, product-based company invests 80 percent of its effort in after sales support and new development to ensure that customers are using the product up to its optimal capacity to maximize their business outputs.

OTRAMS - Future Proof Online Travel Reservation System for the Travel Industry

Since building products for a particular vertical brings higher returns than working on service-based projects, Qtech is primarily focused on developing enterprise applications and business mobile applications, among others. The company\'s travel product - OTRAMS (Online Travel Reservation and Management System) is a robust, scalable, customizable, secure and future-proof product that acts as an ERP for travel industry and helps customers to automate their business as per their requirements. As a product, OTRAMS enables customers to attain a higher ROI with automation, and to scale up using the power of technology that would otherwise be impossible using offline-only operations. Risk management modules built into the software provide fail safe mechanisms to avoid issues that are usually seen in offline operations.
Laudably Strong Work Ethics

Founded in 2005 with a small team of three, the 100+ people strong company has been growing at a whopping 35-40 percent year-on-year for the past three years. Qtech attributes this success to its employees who have been wholeheartedly keeping clients happy by following the company\'s core values - constant innovation, dedicated support and honest work ethics. The company takes pride in the fact that almost every client has appreciated Qtech for being transparent and truthful.

Innovation and Ownership

\"A few years ago, we decided to kindle our people\'s entrepreneurial spirit by delegating responsibilities beyond traditional duties. We segregated members into independent units and made them perfectly capable of handling clients - this ownership has ensured that our clients and their requirements are always taken care of. Keeping sheer trust in our employees really paid off,\" reminisces Paresh Parihar, CEO & Managing Director, Qtech Software. The company not only helps its people to grow their skillsets horizontally by enabling them to explore diverse functions within Qtech, but also upwards. There have been several occasions where a junior most employee has ascended to high levels in the organization.

The company that caters to clients in over 20 countries from couple of offices in Mumbai, plans to launch offices in key global markets to ensure tighter support to clients and with an eye on expansion. \"We are building innovative products with a strong emphasis on R&D. Although we have our eye on diversification, our primary product would always be distribution based systems & enterprise resource applications. Having said that, our structure ensures a solid focus on the travel industry, while still remaining open to the next big opportunity in other verticals,\" concludes Franz Dias, Head of New Products & Alliances, Qtech Software.