Steering the leadership

Date:   Monday , June 01, 2009

Jawahar Bekay, Co-founder of Microland has taken over a new leadership role as its Executive Director and COO. Though always a member of the board, he returns to the company in an executive role after seven years. Prior to Microland, Bekay was with Collabera as its Chief Strategy Officer and CEO of its Indian entity. Speaking on his appointment Bekay said, “I believe that remote infrastructure management is a strongly emerging IT services category that will accelerate as companies recognize the tremendous benefits and ROI that is attainable. The global RIMS opportunity is predicted to be $26-28 billion by 2013 and India’s share could be in the region of $14-15 billion. Microland is well positioned in that market. I look forward to the opportunity to accelerate Microland’s growth in these exciting times.” Bekay has been associated with the company right since its inception and was instrumental in building Microland across its various phases of evolution. Between 2002 and 2005, Bekay was the CEO of Planetasia, a subsidiary of Microland. With over 25 years of experience, his expertise spans building and managing businesses in the outsourcing space. He believes that the success of a business lies in the fundamental value it stands for and in no circumstance should one compromise with it. He also says that a leader must be fair, transparent and work towards in developing one’s people. Hard working and focused, Bekay loves to unwind with his passions like golf, music, running, bogging and reading.