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Date:   Monday , January 02, 2017

India is growing digital and is competing with the world in many aspects. Business owners at present prefer up to date information of their business even when they are out of office. Though businesses use diverse software to function smoothly, not all the departments are linked to one another in an organization. This leads to a loss of information or data and may sometimes lead to delay in decision making. Through ERP, all the departments are linked together, which enables a quick transfer of information and can be easily accessed by the key people of the organization through their smart devices from anywhere of the world. This also helps them keep a control over few critical departments where finances are involved.

Growing Business through Automation

Revuesoft Solutions, a software and product development company based in Hyderabad has designed and developed two ERPs, which are very user friendly and simple to implement. Absence of complex screens and complicated functionalities remains the USP of the software.

Throwing light on, Swathi Bhagavatula, Co-Founder & Director, Revuesoft Solutions, speaks, \"We have two ERP software to offer, one for the SMEs and MSEs sector and one for the educational sector. We have done an extensive research and background work that has helped to develop the software in a simple and uncomplicated method. Since we have done an in depth research in the ERP vertical, very little customization is required which saves lot of effort and time of both the client and for us. We carry out an end to end process right from requirement study till the implementation phase.\"

The ERP modules and features being simplified, requires moderately less time for the user to adapt and implement in their work. Swathi also highlights their flagship offering, Advantage ERP, an automation solution for the SME sector. \"It is an end to end solution for the small and medium scale industries to keep their business information updated and also avoid any gaps in the administration,\" she avers.

Additionally, the company also has their flagship mobile application related to banking, NPA Tracker mobile application which is developed to track NPA accounts and team performance in the various banks in the country. This application is likely to help the bank management to manage effectively team performance and reduce the NPA accounts by way of tracking accounts live through this app.

Performing in Perfection!!

Hyderabad Revuesoft was set up in 2012 with the idea of developing applications and product which would enable their clients find the right problems to solve, and to solve these effectively. With a group of well experienced functional consultants, software engineering professionals and project managers, Revuesoft provides innovative and customized software solutions and customer support to global clients in various domains.

Truly living up to the significance of the brand, Revuesoft works on an innovative business model with agile approach through cross verticals with different domain expertise. This methodology helps them in retaining their domestic and international clients as per their global requirements in the latest market trend. The company values the customer requirements and works with them closely to understand their ever changing needs through frequent deliveries and interactions and also educating them to implement the required business process. \"We trust process is the only tool and solution for productivity and quality and implementing the process centric framework in all the areas like Business, Development, Testing and Delivery,\" she says.

With customized software applications and products, Revuesoft caters its services to small and medium scale industries and educational institutions. \"SMEs prefer low cost simple ERP solutions so that their employees can easily adapt to the technology and implement effectively in their work. Universities and other educational institutions prefer simple automation solutions. Both our ERP software are simple and easily adaptable which made it easy for us to approach and convince our clients easily,\" she adds.

Known to be an employee friendly organization, Revuesoft has a well versed team of 45+ employees and has offices located in Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata. The company encourages the employees to be creative and express their ideas. As a result, they are proactive and take initiatives in every aspect of the organization. By next few years, Revuesoft is aiming at a more stabilized and growing business. \"With more opportunities and growth prospects both for the company and to the employees, we are focused on becoming the most preferred service provider with utmost quality and customer satisfaction,\" concludes Swathi.

Key Management

Krishnakanth V, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

Swathi Bhagavatula, Co-Founder & Director


- Revuesoft\'s educational ERP \"CampuSmart\" won the CIO choice Hot 100 Technology award in 2014.
- Revuesoft was recognized as the \"Startup of the Year\" by Silicon India magazine in 2015.
- Revuesoft has won the \"Company of the year\" recognition in 2016 awarded by the CEO magazine.