Serviceberry Technologies: Making IT drive Business goals!

Date:   Wednesday , July 02, 2014

Serviceberry helps IT departments automate and improve their operations. It is a focused company specializing in Business Service Management (BSM), IT Service Management (ITSM) and Application Performance Management (APM). It works at the heart of the Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS) opportunity that is said to be larger than the Application Services space.

The founders spotted a market gap and believed that a company that just provided Consulting, Solutions & Services around ITSM & BSM would deliver immense value to clients. The founding team was working with Network Solutions (aka Netsol, an IBM company) when the idea germinated in Serviceberry CEO Keyur Damani\'s mind. The belief in the idea was so strong that they took the entrepreneurial plunge and started Serviceberry in April 2008. Serviceberry received its first investment in Nov 2008 from FutureIP Labs, a company owned by the original Netsol founder.

Serviceberry\'s offerings fall into two broad categories, viz. Process Consulting and IT Management. Process Consulting involves writing IT processes relative to best practice ITIL framework. Within IT Management, Serviceberry helps clients implement and run solutions that monitor availability & performance of IT Infrastructure & applications. It helps clients automate routine functions and implement IT Service Management toolset.

Serviceberry is a Gold Partner to HP Software. Serviceberry has received \'Best Implementation Partner\' award for 3 years in a row. Serviceberry contributes significantly to HP Software\'s business through its customer centricity, pre-sales & delivery capabilities. This helps win new clients, recover & retain existing ones.

Initially, Serviceberry served the India market. In 2011, it opened a fully owned subsidiary in Dubai to focus on the Middle East markets such as Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. This helped achieve geographical diversification of revenues. Many of Serviceberry\'s 90+ clients are large enterprises & service providers from the Fortune 500 & BSE 500 space. BFSI, IT/ITES, Oil & Gas and Telecom are the key verticals that Serviceberry serves apart from some marquee companies in the Manufacturing vertical. These companies have a sizeable IT infrastructure on which the business is critically dependent.

\"Keyur has grown through the technical ranks himself and is a hands-on CEO. That is an important reason that the company is engineering & innovation minded and has a strong service & support culture,\" avers Pranav D Saraiya, Head of Operations.
Serviceberry has steadily converted tacit knowledge of its people into tangible Intellectual Property (IP). Some of its IP are proprietary best practice IT processes, reporting solution for HP Service Manager, proprietary accelerators to enhance implementation speed & quality and 4D delivery methodology to help build delivery predictability.

Keyur believes that Serviceberry now has the necessary anchor to serve the vast & demanding U.S. market. The North American market is at least 50 times the size of the Indian market. So far, Serviceberry has relied on reinvested profits to fund the growth. Serviceberry is at an advanced level of discussion with a clutch of VC & PE investors for Series B funding. This investment will be utilized to build front end sales team in U.S. and to further augment design & delivery capability including offshore. Post that, it is back to doing the basics right, creating reference-able clients and an exciting & bigger future.