INSTA Intelligence Technologies: Catalyst for Emerging Technologies

Date:   Wednesday , July 06, 2011

For a business, when deploying an ERP, SCM, CRM or a BI solution is a very important decision for they need to know exactly what type of solution would suit them and what would be cost effective. This especially a challenge for a small business for while they do need best in class IT solutions, they are also price sensitive. It is this dilemma of SMEs that 2007 founded; Hyderabad based INSTA Intelligence Technologies helps solve. Founded by (Dr.) Gopal Krishna Chitta, a 26 year veteran in IT industry, INSTA Intelligence offers technology solutions across verticals like Manufacturing, Pharma, Healthcare and Financial Services. With expertise in a myriad of technologies like .Net, PHP, SAP, Ajax, SQL and more, the company offers Business Intelligence, Business Process Management and Remote Infrastructure Management solutions. In a few months now, the company also has plans to launch its services and product offerings in the mobile technology space.

Apart from this, a major challenge that the SMEs face is expansion in geographies outside India and win clients when in competition with large players. In this regard, INSTA Intelligence along with nine other SMEs formed a consortium called the ITSMEINDIA. As the secretary of the consortium, Dr. Chitta facilitates the member companies to scale and attract business and clients in overseas markets with products and services. In many ways these companies are recognized with a decent market presence, history of promising performances and futuristic approaches in catering IT services in respective verticals. The main objective of the consortium is to create a well connected network of active IT services firm, spanning a variety of fields with shared common interests of mutual growth and business development, perform collaborative marketing with the intention of moving into new markets, present expertise as a unified body during the bid for large contracts, provide project management and quality control services during the full lifecycle of large and complex projects and extend the reach of local companies into overseas markets by bringing in leading-edge products and services. “Having a wide area of experience in project implementation across public and private organizations, I feel a satisfaction of being in a unique position of helping and guiding the SMEs to go out in the market and successfully compete with large players, whether be it in technology services or product development,” says Dr. Chitta.

Today 15 people strong, with presence in India, Malaysia, Australia, Germany and UK the company looks to grow to 25-50 people by end of the year. In the long run, the company looks at gaining more traction in terms of the number of SMEs. “Personally I’m aiming at getting at least 100 SMEs to be part of the consortium and take the consulting and other services to a much larger scale,” beams Dr. Chitta. In a short span the company has built strong competencies in BI and BPM solutions. With a good technical and functional expertise and use of proven methodologies to provide end-to-end BPM Solutions, the company is well in position to understand the BPM needs and the line of business of an organization to meet its business productivity requirements. Additionally it provides BPM integration services to the existing ERP and CRM solutions of organizations.

Currently, the team at INSTA is developing a product for Healthcare sector for U.S. market, which will later be released in other geographies as well. INSTA has tied up with good BI product companies to support the customers both from technology and domain perspective. The major focus of this solution is to provide the customers with an efficient and effective decision making capabilities. Its strong BPM Solutions supports business and IT association for process designs and policy management and integrates models which replicate, automate and optimize one’s business processes. The company brings agility to the client’s business which helps them leverage their business activities.