Healthcare Moving Towards a New Phase of Digitization

Date:   Monday , April 11, 2016

Headquartered in New Delhi, CareOnGo is India\'s First Mobile Chain of Co-Branded Pharmacies. It enables the users to buy medicines from pharmacies in their vicinity using their mobile phones and also offers additional features finding substitutes, ordering generics, setting medicine reminders

The Healthcare market in India is shrouded by disparities around costs, unavailability and inauthenticity when it comes to providing medical solutions. The healthcare supply chain in particular is facing the ever increasing problem of weakness in drug distribution service. As per a recent survey - with over 42 percent of counterfeit medicines floating in the market, India has fast become a hub for fake medicines. A survey conducted by CareOnGo, an e-healthcare platform in November\'15 stated that two out of three patients don\'t get all their medicines in a single store and have to hope from one store to another.

Online healthcare platforms are at a nascent stage and mushrooming rapidly in the domestic market. They offer various solutions from diagnostic services to purchase medicines online. Though buying medicines online has become a convenience for the patients, reliability and authenticity of the online chemists have regularly been questioned by the experts.

Only the e-healthcare platforms that associate themselves with the well-established and trusted local pharmacies ensure they deal in genuine products. To bring transparency in the health sector a company should go for a thorough background check on the pharmacies\' source of procurements to ensure that they deal in genuine authentic products. Also, an e-healthcare platform can help these pharmacies to procure directly from Manufacturers and reputed Super stockists through its Partner Application to fight against counterfeits.

Moreover, the company should enable patients to find these pharmacies on google maps enabling consumers to make an informed decision on where their medicines are actually getting sourced from instead of it being blindly dispatched and received on their doorsteps. Even for customers who need medicines urgently, it is very convenient to simply search on Google for the nearest trusted pharmacy, thus making consumers carefree about the authenticity and service.

Whether you\'re a payer or a provider, success in our healthcare sector ultimately comes down to demonstrating higher quality at a lower cost. That\'s what everyone really wants. The trend towards transparency means that traditional walls dividing organizations are coming down. When the dust settles, you must be in a position to demonstrate that you have the highest quality and lowest costs.

When you think about it that way, the transparency aspect of the shift to greater value in care is almost the easy part. Finding ways to let people know how you\'re doing in terms of cost and quality is a relatively simple matter compared to actually improving cost and quality. Improving cost and quality requires finding the best ways to derive actionable insights from all the data your organization has collected. It means pulling together data from disparate sources and getting that data into the hands of frontline staff whose day-to-day activities impact quality and cost. It means making cultural and organizational changes to get everyone involved and on board with changing the way care is delivered. It means prioritizing improvement efforts and measuring progress. Doing this successfully requires a commitment to transparency, but more than that, it requires the right advanced analytics solutions.