SQream Technologies: Miniaturizing Data Center within a Small Box

Date:   Monday , December 07, 2015

Ami Gal (Co-Founder & CEO, SQream) has always been confident that Big Data is one of world\'s most exiting phenomena that could and should change lives for the better. Yet when he contributed to a startup competition in 2010 as a technology investor and startup mentor, little had he foreseen that he will be planting the seed for a colossal transformation, which would spur a technology revolution around Big Data. As the parallel processing connoisseur Kostya Varakin (Co-Founder & CTO, SQream) was demonstrating the intriguing idea of miniaturizing data center within a small box, Ami instantly knew that it was once in a life time opportunity. Following a long discussion about materializing the path-breaking GPU (Graphic Processing Unit)technology in the form of a Big Data company, SQream Technologies, was incepted in Israel with one table and two computers. With the advent of SQream, organizations of all sizes in the Big Data world has gained the possibility to analyse unprecedentedly more data in a few order of magnitude to attain insights up to 100 times faster than any other player, with much less hardware and therefore at up to 90 percent lower costs.

The Special Forces

SQream DB is the basic ingredient for all of its products, which boosts analytics performance radically through massive parallel computing using its patent pending GPU-based technology that crunches data quickly in massive scale. This petabyte scalable, user-friendly Big Data SQL database product requiring nothing more than plain English, can be implemented tenfold faster, since there is no need for indexes, cubes, data modelling or new DBA skills. Tailored for Genome Research industry, GenomeStack, a flexible and effective platform, empowers genome researchers to make accurate predictions by rapidly extracting time-critical insights. Likewise, SQream developed xDR Repository for telecoms to optimize their networks, though it is currently being used for multiple purposes. ZBDB, SQream\'s latest addition, is a fully managed analytics data warehouse offered on the cloud.

Daunting yet Exhilarating Journey

The company that has established an office in Israel, couple of offices in U.S., a respectable number of partners and plentiful customers & prospects all over the world within such a short span, has been through backbreaking hardships. \"To acquire customers and talents in this arena, we have to compete with either big guns with unlimited resources or Silicon Valley startups with millions of dollars in funding. Although being an adaptive and nimble startup, we have the flexibility to move in a different direction as per market\'s reaction. Producing the actual product and getting customer into production was a daunting task. It is a great journey, very tough but extremely fulfilling,\" reminisces Ami.

The company that now recruits people through internships, hackathons and other competitions laid a robust foundationinitially by hiring talents based on long-standing relationships the founders built over last fifteen years. Today,many talented people approach the company wishing to be a part of it. \"Because our people are endowed with the freedom to solve a challenging problem on their own, while we lay out common principals. As the fascinating challenges intrigue them, the efficiency and productivity of SQream magnifies radically,\" remarks Ami. Besides numerous online training sessions, the company also co-ordinates general training and lectures from subject matter experts every month to get its people acquainted with diverse ecosystems.

Spreading Wings across the Globe

As the 45 people strong company is doubling itself every year, it keeps acquiring world-class sales people to expand its operations in multiple locations and anticipates having 100 people by next year. Though it has more prospects in North America and Europe, finding the right talent in those areas is a little challenging for SQream. But, the company is keen on executing the work in time and satisfy the customer to maintain its reputation. \"We will double our sales team next year mostly in North America and other continents and have bigger offices in New York and Silicon Valley,\" asserts Ami. The company has also joined forces with universities and research centers, who are allowed to play with SQream\'s technology to build their own solutions. However, SQream\'s key growth acceleration strategy is collaborating with partners, who are internationally distributing and integrating its solutions. Aspiring to be a 9 billion dollar company, SQream is currently establishing partnerships around India, and aims to expand to different regions of Asia, with India as its hub.

Key Management:

Ami Gal, Co-Founder & CEO

Enriched with over 20 years of technological and executive management experience in hi-tech ecosystem, this visionary entrepreneur and technology investor has served as a mentor for various startup programs and invested in many technology startups and plans to do more.

Offices: Israel (Headquarter),New York and San Francisco

Products: SQream DB, GenomeStack, xDR Repository and ZBDB

Verticals: IoT, Telecom, Cyber Security, Finance and Genome Research

- Red Herring\'s Top 100 Asia - 2015
- Stevie Awards for Best New Product of the Year - 2015
- Best In BizAward for Best New Enterprise Product of the Year - 2015
- Tech Trailblazers Regional Cup Award - 2014
- MIXiii Israel Award - 2014
- People\'s Choice Award - 2014 by the US Israel Tech Business Council
- One to Watch Award - 2014 by NVidia
- 2015 Red Herring Top 100 Global Award