Test Insane: The Dark Knight of the Testing Dynasty

Date:   Thursday , December 03, 2015

The sultry topic of the town for a long time now is \'Testers must code\'. Albeit it is entirely from a developer\'s perspective, many testers have indulged in prolix debates on sundry social media platforms on \'why testers must learn coding\'. And to complement the debate, Tester community has been marked as a meager section that has insufficient skill-set to be the HERO of Software. But this puny section of a fairly large software society, where only 32 percent of the projects are successful, caters to a more dominant goal of supplementing the initiatives, pointing out the imperfections to make them preponderant.

In this $34 billion industry that furnishes 1/3rd of the software rialto, a group of \'insane\' testers with skilled-testing, great delivery and exploratory testing skills demonstrates the extraordinary requisites of testing community and joined hands to form a startup - Test Insane in 2014. Incorporated by Santhosh Tuppad (Founder & CEO) in Bengaluru, Test Insane offers an amalgamation of testers and developers to offer the best-in-class software testing services.

Contributing to Testing Community

This group of award winning exploratory testers, hard-core developers, passionate automation programmers, and open-source testing tool developers presents Functional Testing, Usability & Accessibility Testing, UI/UX Testing, Web Security Testing, Performance Testing, Check Automation, and Compliance Testing services to customers around the globe. \"Our testers are unique in terms of skills they have in order to distribute great value to our customers through testing. We avail our customers make test driven decisions than just metrics which may not have any story behind it. To put it straight, we are CONTEXT DRIVEN TESTERS,\" explicates Santhosh.

While this startup accepts the challenges of serving any industry, Santhosh and his team want to answer a few questions through their services - \"Are we integrating value through this activity? How does this help our customer? Are we solving the quandaries of our customers? Are we helping our customer to achieve their business goals? Is this something that the customer asked for? Are we being diverted by the testing goals?\" Already served Electronics, Healthcare, Education, Media, e-Commerce, Insurance, Banking, Retail, Travel & Transport and Gaming industries, Test Insane withal caters to web and mobile app testing with frameworks and develop automation implements.

Another fascinating fact about Test Insane is its contribution to testing community through Testing Mindmaps, HCE (HTML Comment Extractor), and RTE (Restful Test Endpoints) where team members at Test Insane and others append their open-source testing modules for a more effulgent testing future. One of Test Insane\'s Mindmaps admirers and founder of a testing magazine complemented, \"I am genuinely impressed by the software testing Mindmaps prepared by Test Insane team. There\'re some great Mindmaps which will be subsidiary in any testing project. I\'ve myself used few of them as the start-point in my own work recently. Test Insane is doing a great service to testing community by publishing these apps\".

While in this chaotic software testing market, numerous players have stepped up with their testing services, Santhosh doesn\'t observe a competition. He integrates, \"We\'ve never seen anyone as our competitor and that\'s because we do what we dote to and we are ecstatic. And when we\'re blissful with what we do, innovation just keeps transpiring and the side-effect is, no one is competing us in terms of work. We\'re unique in the way we test and contribute to the software testing community. We\'ll keep improvising whenever we see an opportunity\".

When Jubilance is the Path

As this startup relishes to have a simple work-culture where employees are termed as \'team members\', each one of them spends his/her time in learning deeper to integrate value to customers. Santhosh adds, \"We learn for our own happiness and when our testers are happy, they do great work on the projects through their testing skills. Test Insane is a platform which avails software testers to grow in terms of learning and acquiring various skills which make them better testers in the world. So in terms of \'Growth\' opportunity, we do not have any if you label them as junior, associate, senior tester, test lead or manager, but yes, we do have growth in terms of SKILLS\".

Amidst visions of \'being happy in what we love\', Test Insane accentuates on continuous learning to be better every day and is orchestrating to build many implements such as web browser add-ons, micro-services, and utilities for the software testing community under licensing module and contributing more to the open-source community; while other plans have been kept confidential to use them as \'Killing the IP of others and making our IP more advanced\' as Santhosh terms it.

As testing is now a part of every software developing company\'s budget plans, the market is booming and taking shifts towards sturdy IoT and mobile apps. With funding that is through favourable terms & conditions without clauses that take away independence, Santhosh is happy to raise funds to expand its operations. \"If the clauses that the investor inserts make sense to us and don\'t bother us on how to run the business, we would be happy to go for funding. HAPPINESS, which is our highest moral standard of LIFE, should not go away,\" Santhosh desists.


Key Management

Santhosh Tuppad, Founder & CEO

A passionate software tester and adventure sports lover, Santhosh\'s skills and expertise in testing and attitude toward running a business have been admired amongst customers. With his vast testing expertise, he is now heading the bandwagon of Test Insane.

Headquarter: Bangalore

Services: Software, Web & Mobile App Testing Services


- 100+ Testing Mindmaps by 25+ contributors across the globe
- A year-old start-up to serve more than 10 customers already
- Testing Start-up of the Year-2015 at India Testing Awards 2015