Flytxt: Creating Incremental Economic Value with Ground-Breaking Innovations in Big Data Analytics for Telcos

Date:   Monday , October 06, 2014

Running on the four wheels of V – Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity – the Telcos were much in the need of a fifth wheel called ‘measurable economic Value’ to grab better RoI. This advanced analytics technology provider to Telcos is engaged in developing ground-breaking framework & technologies to derive actionable intelligence from the huge data and innovative applications to consume these insights. Emerged at the time when Telcos moved along from infrastructure to services business and were emerging as customer experience providers, Flytxt decided to focus on developing framework and technologies to derive the insights and the applications to consume these insights to generate economic benefit for the Telco eco-system. Emerged as one of the pioneers in the telecom analytics space, the company strives to generate utmost economic benefit to the Telcos and empower them to build a sustained mutually rewarding relationship with their customers.

Sustained Measurable Outcome
Based on comprehensive multi-dimensional analytics framework, Flytxt’s platforms, technology solutions and services consistently generates sustainable measurable economic value for customers in terms of incremental revenues, margins, churn reduction or enhanced customer experience and loyalty. It aids with the RoI governance of Telcos that invests heavily on rolling out technologies while enabling faster and efficient decision making combining domain expertise and advanced machine learning driven analytics. This optimizes the value of customer engagement across any touch point. Flytxt is renowned as a trusted partner for CSPs (Communication Service Providers) that steer customer’s analytics strategy towards maturity with desired technology, functional capabilities, processes and skills.

Flytxt offers marketing consulting services based on a unique conceptual framework called Granular Propensity Association that supports man-machine collaborated decision making and agile delivery with a combination of on-site and off-shore consulting resources. The company tackles specific challenges related to transforming marketing KPIs by complementing Big Data managed services including identifying & integrating desired data sources, comprehensively addressing veracity issues, deriving insights through in-depth analysis and quickly creating specific programs. This not only enables Flytxt to devise a long-term partnership with clients but also to provide sustained measurable outcome through their unique impact-focused service delivery model focusing on agile delivery, global best practices and local adaptation.

Growth Driven by Innovation

Flytxt’s soul resides in innovation thus this hunger doesn’t satiate with just R&D where they have created many intellectual property and patents, but this pervades through all other functions including service delivery, marketing consulting, HR and Training. The company has partnerships with premier academic institutions like IIT to drive extensive research in advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms to enrich their solution portfolio. The company has imbibed such excellence through their team of strong knights who cherish the core values of Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Collaboration and Ambition. But during the initial days, it was a tough task to build an agile team to scale to meet the dynamic and highly specialized analytics and marketing requirements of growing clienteles. Transparent communication with employees and customers in the stimulating work environment enables Flytxt to create trust & confidence and to foster collaboration & inclusive growth. Flytxt continues to grow diversity amongst their multi-cultural team drawn from over 20 countries; thus offering the team unparalleled expertise in global market place. The team also regularly participates in technology conferences and their research papers have been recognized at various technology forums like IEEE.
In 2009, the company had just 2 clients. Cut to the present, this list stands tall as Flytxt has partnered with more than 50 Telcos with 100 percent growth in annual revenue, doubled employee base and also has successfully completed the biggest Big Data analytics deployments in Telecom sector. Not to its surprise, Flytxt generated almost $100 million incremental revenue for their customers last year.

Currently delivering an economic value of 2-7 percent to their customers, Flytxt endeavors to raise the bar to atleast 10 percent. Flytxt will continue to enhance their analytics capabilities to generate insights not only from a subscriber-Telco interaction perspective but also looking at subscriber as part of the larger evolving ecosystem of Internet of Things, which would uncover new incremental revenue opportunities. The company is on the path to expanding operations both geographically and in scale while building valuable Intellectual Property.. Flytxt aims to deepen into South Asia and Africa and also establish their presence in new markets like Europe, Middle East and South East Asia through direct sales and partnerships. Launching new business applications like a dashboard for CXOs in Telcos to have a real-time view of their business KPIs and their correlations in any chosen dimension and an application for Sales and Distribution Optimization is also in their immediate roadmap.



Dr. Vinod Vasudevan, CEO

Dr. Vinod is responsible for driving the company’s strategic direction and overall management. The industry thought-leader brings to Flytxt 20 years of experience in mobile industry across the world. The IIT Kharagpur alumnus holds several patents and has won many awards.


Integrated Multi-dimensional Analytics driven Solutions, NEON Internal Data Monetization Platform, QREDA External Data Monetization Platform


The Netherlands (Headquarter), Dubai (Corporate Office), Trivandrum, Mumbai, New Delhi, Nairobi, Lagos, Kuala Lampur, Dhaka, London


1. Gartner Cool Vendor
2. Frost & Sullivan’s Product leadership in Marketing Analytics award
3. Stevie’s International Business Award for best mobile marketing campaign of the year
4. NASSCOM League of 10 Companies