Deteriorating Water & Air Quality in India: Technologies & Innovations to the Rescue

Date:   Tuesday , February 21, 2017

Headquartered in Noida, KENT RO Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 certified healthcare products company that specializes manufacturing quality products that purify water, air and food and make them ideal for consumption.

Everyone knows that our drinking water is not as good as it was during our forefather\'s time! Due to climatic changes, drought, alarming levels of salinity and industrial wastes, sources like river, catchments and reservoir systems are under dire stress which deteriorates the water quality day by day. Further, one does not get sufficient water from rivers and have to resort to underground water, which generally is contaminated with dangerous dissolved impurities like arsenic, fluorides, and other heavy metals that can cause life threatening medical conditions.

By the time water reaches our tap, it gets contaminated which leads to water borne diseases. In India around 80 percent of the rural population and about 50 percent of the urban population use ground water for domestic use. Water quality issues like arsenic, salinity, nitrate iron, fluoride, and heavy metals due to geogenic and anthropogenic reasons have been reported from various parts of the country.

High arsenic content in ground water affects humans, animals, soil, and plant systems. Over one lakh deaths and 2-3 lakh of confirmed cases of illness have reported been caused by groundwater arsenic. Against this backdrop, in the last decade, RO Technology based water purifiers have emerged as a solution to all these problems. Through this path breaking technology, one can remove dangerous dissolved impurities like arsenic, fluoride, and pesticides besides removing bacteria and viruses. Over the years, some companies have evolved RO Technology further and have taken the technology to the next level.

For example, earlier, conventional RO Purifiers were used as standalone systems for removing the contaminations. But while removing the dissolved impurities, these systems would end up removing essential minerals too, which are important for our health. Today, companies are focusing on providing innovative solutions. Technology advancements and innovations have made these problems just pass. Now, we have water purifiers which have ability to retain essential minerals while purification. Revolutionary technology of RO+UV+UF+TDS controller purifies water while retaining the essential natural minerals. This technology ensures that the water becomes not only the purest, but is healthy too.

However, the problem of RO Systems is their limitation of wasting significant water during purification. Most RO Purifiers waste about 80 percent water during the purification process. But with out of the box thinking and innovation, patented technology has been introduced which offers zero percent water wastage in RO purifiers. The heart of this technology is a computer controlled process wherein the membrane is washed automatically and more than 50 percent of water intake is recovered as purified water. The balance rejected water is stored in a separate \'Reject Water Tank\', which can be utilized by consumers for household purposes. The net result is zero percent water wastage. This is a great step towards sustainable future and thoughtful use of precious resources.

Air: In past few months, media has reported how we have been gripped with a sense of panic due to air pollution. It\'s like being told one is living next to an active volcano that might erupt at any moment. The statistics are certainly grim. For example, Bangalore\'s air on any day is as toxic as the smoke from six cigarettes a day, while inhaling Delhi\'s air is equivalent to puffing 20 in a day. It was reported that 13 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world were in India, with Delhi being the worst.

The national capital has the highest concentration of PM2.5 (Particulate matter less than 2.5 microns), which is considered most serious and can cause respiratory diseases and other health problems. Many factors contribute to increase in air pollution, including reliance of fossil fuels such as coal fired power plants, dependence on private transport, inefficient use of energy in buildings and the use of biomass for cooking and heating.
Room Air Purifiers can help to trap particulate matter present in the air and therefore they reduce PM2.5 Levels. An air purifier is a small portable machine that removes bacteria, virus and particulate matters that can be inhaled. It is capable of removing dust, allergens, chemicals, viruses, odors, and other air pollutants. This kind of technology would not just help people with asthma and other respiratory illnesses, but will also contribute in reducing the rate of respiratory diseases in the capital city.

Here are a few points to be kept in mind while buying an Air Purifier:

  • An air purifier should essentially have HEPA (High efficiency particulate air) technology and activated carbon filters.

  • Its clean air delivery rate should be more than 300 cubic meter. An Air Purifier should be capable of changing room air with cleaned air at least four times in an hour

  • The energy efficiency of the purifier should be high and it should consume less amount of electricity; not more than 100 watts.

  • The next and foremost thing is the filtration methodology. What kind of filtration process it uses? Make sure it uses triple stage filtration as well as a set of filters. The three stage filtration process gives you an excellent level of Air Purification.

  • PRE filters are a must which catch and remove large particulate matter with high efficiency, Anti-bacterial coated \'HEPA\' (high efficiency particulate arrestor) developed with superior Japanese technology, catches and traps SPM (suspended particulate matter) as small as 0.3 microns with an efficiency of 99 percent. \'Specially treated/high grade adsorbent carbon media/Catalytic Carbon adsorbent filter\' filter for purifying the indoor air.

  • The size of the air purifier should be chosen with respect to room size

  • Another important thing is the frequency of cleaning of air filters and replacement

  • Look for smart features like filter replacement indicator that indicates you to change the filters

  • One must ensure that the Air Purifier is the silent type and does not produce much sound.

  • There are a lot of branded and unbranded products available in the market. Don\'t get cheated. Choose the best for your family!