Ideal Insurance Brokers: Ensuring Your Insurance Professionally

Date:   Sunday , November 23, 2014

With the growing economy and rising wealth, Insurance has become a unique, important and major facet of people\'s lives. While the insurance industry is evolving rapidly, it also presents its own set of challenges. The ground-level penetration has not only left a dearth of appropriate awareness about the fastest evolving industry, but has also created a deficiency in the reach to the customers. On a positive tone, the same situation also designed out a niche space for intermediaries and most importantly insurance broking companies who have provided the best connect between insured and insurers in designing and interpreting terms and conditions of policies. Amongst them the honest, reliable and real-time service providers are handful and one of them is Ideal Insurance Brokers that provides 360 degree solutions to all insurance needs under categories of Property, Health, General, Auto & Life.

Ideal Insurance Brokers (IIBPL) is the brain child of a qualified CFA and MBA, Rahul Agarwal. The dream project took a complete structure in 2005 and has been benefitting the people with right premium, correct policy coverage and quick settlement of claims in their business as well as in their corporate requirement. It also helps people to design tailor made cover from the available in surers in market. Being an authorized and licensed broker of IRDA (Insurance Regulator Development Authority), the company also believes that the information gap between the insurer and the customer needs to be bridged in a fair manner. Thus, the company targets on propagating educational implementation of the product or the insurance policy.

\"Our company comprises of young people who come with lot of aspirations and lot of demand to do well in their life. I am positive that this company is showing them the right path to grow, learn, to be knowledgeable and to empathize with customers,\" affirms Saroj Satapathy, CEO, Ideal Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. The unique and robust training methodology of the company puts forward a clear-cut pathway for the employees to understand more about the product as well as the customers\' psyche. The creamy layer from coveted organizations like National Insurance Academy and MBA colleges are recruited and trained under experienced hands of internal as well as external industry veterans. Within the first 6 months of joining the company, employees have to clear the Brokers Examination and Insurance Institute of India examination. \"People do not come to us merely to get the job; rather they join us because they like to be a part of this company. Each of them who join us is not treated as an employee, but as a partner of the company,\" adds Saroj.

Ideal Insurance Brokers have built a strong portfolio over a huge customer base. With its main focus on SMEs, the company hands out myriad opportunities for a person to get the best possible coverage. As an innovative initiative, the brand understand the relevant and suitable coverage policies for the customer through a process named as RAA (Risk Assessment Audit) that cover even the minute risks that can be missed out by any policies. The paper and physical audit brings in better risk management and open the gates to appreciate and avail the chance to prevent losses and grow business.

Backed up by strong ethics, the indigenously developed broking company IIBPL believes that besides driving the business and creating wealth, an ideal company also has to contribute to the society as a whole. In this context, the company has come up with lot of social initiatives such as organizing blood camps, garnering support to schools in rural areas, availing the under-privileged, being a helping hand for the orphans and elderly people.

With a team of more than 150 people and a service network spread across the country, IIBPL looks up at long term investment in terms of money, time and relationship. \"With visions and missions that are clearly spelt out, the brand also envisions becoming one of the most balanced, ethically strong and most preferred Insurance broking companies in India\", asserts Saroj.


Insurance Partner

(Life and General) both in Public and Private


Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore.
Planning operation shortly in Pune, Ranchi and Delhi within this financial year

Key Management

1. Rahul Agarwal-Founder& Director
2. Saroj Satapathy - CEO & Principal Officer
3. Ravi Kothari - Director
4. Rahul Mohata - CFO
5. Amit Agarwal - Director
6. Bhaskar Malani - Director
7. Bimal Samal - Director ( Sales)
8. Bidyut Patnaik - Head- Underwriting

Awards & Recognition

1. CEO Advisor Award at Summit (Malaysia, 2012)- ICICI Lombard
2. FIPS Awards (October 2013)
3. Quality Brands India Award 2014 February
4. CEO Club - ICICI Lombard
5.High Premium earner- Bajaj General Insurance Co. Pvt. Ltd


1. Manage Entire Insurance Portfolio
2. Advisory Role on Personal and Corporate Insurance Management
3. Selecting the right insurer for the clients based on their needs
4. Claims management and documentation
5. Serving insured by imparting value based insurance education.

CEO Speak:

Post privatization of Insurance Industry, the dream to create a world of opportunities for my clients has urged me to become a \'quasi\' entrepreneur. After spending two decades in government owned and run insurance firm, my quest to create products & solutions which have differentiated offering has led me in this journey. The future is promising. Disruption and innovation will be the key differentiators in the insurance industry of future. Today our systems and processes are made to address regulations and controls. I believe tomorrow is about customers and the experience we deliver. With information at finger tips decision on insurance buys is not about price but service delivery and technical expertise. In this knowledge based industry \"Ideal Insurance\" plays a crucial role by bringing in much needed reference point. Mapping the need, providing more than the blueprint and walking through the entire service cycle is our key differentiator.

We believe in the maxim be the Beginning.....