Raman Technologies: Transforming Businesses with an Agile Touch

Date:   Monday , July 18, 2016

While the concept of Agile methodology owns the dexterity to radically improve product development cycles, efficiency & effectiveness, time-to-market, and thus customer satisfaction, the process of transformation is not an overnight phenomenon. It needs to be fueled by forethought and proper education - an education that covers much beyond just the Scrum framework and an education that reflects a genuine endeavor to add value to your business. This is precisely how Raman Technologies, Inc. (Ramantech) - an international, corporate provider of management consulting and Lean/Agile coaching & training - has been instrumental in spearheading a difference. In an industry that is fraught with inadequate professionals,the company not only understands, strategizes and trains the businesses, but also handhold them in executing and sustaining the transformation.

Chronicling the Excellence

Successfully leveraging its founder\'s broad education and experience, Ramantech initiated its operations in 2004 in U.S. by churning out innovative product lines, which were later acquired by a U.S.- based pharmaceutical company. But, a small opportunity to strengthen the products with Agile & Lean Principles was enough to fuel its growth trajectory. \"That has been our focus since then to help other organizations achieve the same awesome results,\" proclaims Dr. Sanjeev Raman, Founder & CEO, Ramantech. The company focuses on catering to the Indian arms of MNCs, which include large organizations, government and accredited startups like Paypal, HP Labs, JP Morgan Chase, Juniper, JC Penney and State of Maryland among others.

As a registered education provider and a corporate partner of leading institutes like Scrum Alliance, LKU, PMI and Scaled Agile Institute, this versatile company powered by its diversified team offers solutions that cover agile assessment & coaching, leadership & team training, Agile & tooling training, staff augmentation, certifications & courses and propriety online training - hosting a series of 10 hours of videos, scripted and produced in Hollywood.

A truly collaborative, intuitive, interactive, offline-capable and easy-to-use cloud-based ALM tool developed in-house, Cognosco allows companies to manage any type of projects. \"Extended to facilitate Kanban and Scrumban practices, the tool proffers real-time information of several business-must metrics - be it monitoring your success, interacting with others online or even recording your notes from sprint reviews to retrospectives,\" proclaims Dr. Sanjeev.

Empowering the Achievers

Ramantech strives to help its clients unlock their greatest asset for maximum success-knowledge, and thus the company is often seen submerging itself in international conferences, thought leadership, and publishing articles, books and tools. \"We also encourage our team to get further professional training and education. By working with us, they will continue to grow their skills, knowledge and themselves as a human being,\" adds Dr. Sanjeev. Well-bound within a work culture that fosters motivation, transparency and relentless improvement, the employees are encouraged to actively participate in international conferences and meet-ups, whether it is company\'s own or others.

The company envisions being the catalyst for creating a transparent and collaborative environment, where people are motivated to take ownership of their work and reach their potential.En route anticipating an organic long-term growth, Ramantech looks forward to continue focusing on startups, U.S. federal government, online space and Cognosco, while also rearing to back potential achievers - particularly startups.