Payoda: A Holistic Approach towards Achieving Great Work

Date:   Friday , June 26, 2015

Akin to its quest for brilliance in the realms of technological innovation and swift software delivery solutions in the spheres of Networking, Analytics, Mobility and Cloud, Payoda, incepted in late 2005, with its presence all across the world brings to the platter a work culture where exertion convenes with enjoyment. Celebrating the significance of leadership amongst people, the company thrives on offering value-added technology solutions in areas of Networking, Analytics, Mobility and Cloud and competes with the best of breed product companies out of Silicon Valley.

Where Positivity Propels Growth

Payoda believes that a work environment filled with positive vibes takes the company a step ahead towards attaining success. The organizational framework build around values leads to a happy work culture. Blending user experience with proficient product engineering brings customer delight, thereby paving the path for growth. Upholding the core values of teamwork, empathy, accountability, humility and integrity; the 700 members firm collaborates intensely on new ideas leading to innovative software solutions.

An employee who is part of the product management team at Payoda says, \"I have worked for Payoda for over 5 years, and time simply flies by as we tackle new and interesting challenges each day. Everyone is made to feel as a big part of the company. I cannot remember a day going by where I did not learn something new, and the opportunities for personal growth are tremendous.\"

Versatility, smart thinking and hard work are centrally connected to the company\'s policy of accomplishment. The work ethics of the firm acknowledges and accolades individuals who are highly energetic and passionate about their work and go the extra mile to achieve the individual and team goals. The performance of the employees are evaluated through a unique approach known as \'Strength Management\', where the focus is on the individual\'s strengths.

\"The opportunities to innovate in technology today is enormous and at Payoda there is no limit to your growth as an individual. We have many young folks who have done really well and are playing larger roles, purely because of their focus, commitment and attitude towards learning and contributing\" Anand Purusothaman, CEO, Payoda Technologies.

To ensure the wellbeing of women employees, the venture organizes self-defense programs along with systematic anti-harassment policies, HR connects and drop facility provided to late working women employees. Woman contribute to the growth of the organization in a large way, many of them play senior leadership roles.

Channeling the Energy

To transform the brilliance of the employees into success, Payoda provides extensive learning opportunities for all the members ranging from informal and formal to mentorship trainings. A transparent, metric-driven performance appraisal system facilitates employees to concentrate on excelling in their domains. The firm has a steady inflow of freshers and conducts boot camp style training named as \'Parinaam\' that guides them about the journey forward. The lateral recruits go through a formal 3-step induction process which gives them a clear perspective of the company. Payoda organizes fortnightly knowledge imparting gatherings called \'Grab a Byte\', hackathon events and annual tech fest where employees exhibit their skills in different forte.

Work & Life at Payoda

Payoda gives the opportunity to work in a variety of cutting edge technologies as the business model is centered on innovation and product development expertise. Payoda\'s flat hierarchy allows employees to express their views and be a component of the multiple managerial level programs. The company also encourages entrepreneurship through their \'Launchpad\' platform where employees pitch ideas of viable products and many ideas gets into mainstream development. Payoda\'s Accountability Framework (PAF) and Payoda\'s OKR structure (Objective Key Results) clarify the job roles, goals and objectives for the team members which enable them to excel.

In alignment with Payoda\'s core philosophy \'Happiness is not an option, it\'s a must\', extracurricular activities are encouraged. All festivals are celebrated with great pomp and hobbies like biking, cricket, photography & dance are practiced and they part ways on Fridays with a blockbuster movie, thus keeping its people energized and positive. There are other annual reoccurring events such as the professional organized Rally and folks participate in bikes and cars where team work and fun is at its best.