QuisLex: A Partner of Choice for Off-Shore Legal Services

Date:   Thursday , February 26, 2015

In today\'s global economy, enterprises, big and small, have multiple legal tasks to accomplish. These requirements are imperative not only for managing risk but requisite to the smooth functioning of the organization. The complexities of doing business globally have made companies face myriad challenges, of which time and cost play pivotal roles. Customers constantly look for a partner whose services provide both lower cost and allow the customer to better allocate their own resources. To accomplish this, QuisLex, uses best in class technology, proprietary six sigma-based processes, and highly trained professionals tuned specifically to the provision of legal services. QuisLex is well positioned to enable its clients to \"do more with less.\" Consequently it has emerged as one of the world\'s leading LPO providers delivering solutions that reduce time & cost, enhance quality and mitigate risk.

The company was founded in 2004 with just three employees and has grown exponentially to 1000 plus in 2014. Today, the New York headquartered company with offices in Chicago, India and London has become a partner of choice for several leading companies in several industries, providing comprehensive and complex litigation and corporate support services.

Concentrating on five soul-elements � Quality, Experience, Leadership, Security and Technology, QuisLex has carved a niche for itself both in the European and North American markets. QuisLex provides complex and specialized legal support services such as early data assessment & document review for litigation, comprehensive contract review & management and M&A services to litigation and corporate clients, which include Global 500 corporations and leading U.S. & UK law firms. QuisLex services a number of verticals such as financial services, insurance, pharma manufacturing and technology. QuisLex also specializes in assisting clients with complex regulatory investigations, bet-the-company patent litigations, competition related litigations and investigations and FCPA related investigations.

With a mix of approximately 1,000 attorneys, process experts, statisticians, linguists, and Six Sigma experts, the award-winning company has reviewed over three billion pages in support of litigations & investigations; drafted, negotiated and reviewed hundreds of thousands of contracts in connection with compliance initiatives; performed pre- and post-M&A due diligence; and, implemented and managed contract lifecycle compliance and management programs on a global scale.

QuisLex is recognized for its high-quality work by both Industry and its clients. Its success in delivering customized and often highly innovative solutions has garnered the company top recognition such as \'Top Managed Document Review Provider\' and \'Legal Outsourcing Provider\' in the New York Law Journal\'s 2014 Reader Rankings. The success saga of the company does not end here. The company is on a roll by receiving \'Top-Tier\' recognition from Chambers & Partners for the fourth consecutive year and the prestigious \'IACCM Innovation Award\' for Outstanding Service Provider. \"We have a great reputation for delivering high-quality and highly innovative services. Even amongst our peers, our reputation for performing high-quality work is well regarded as a result of our singular focus on providing the best possible solutions for our clients\' complex and highly time sensitive needs. It is very gratifying, but not surprising, when we see that we have been consistently ranked as one of the top companies in the LPO space,\" says Ram Vasudevan, CEO of QuisLex.

QuisLex considers its employees to be its greatest asset, and maintains a transparent work culture that is based entirely on merit. Most of its talent is home grown and the culture of thinking out-of-the box and always placing the clients\' needs and welfare foremost runs deep in the company. With the recent launch of its new office in London, QuisLex is looking forward to growing significantly in Europe. To serve its clients better, QuisLex is spreading its wings and planning on opening an additional execution center in India to supplement the current one in Hyderabad. Refining current solutions to make them even more efficient and effective, innovating for clients\' newer issues, and continuing to find new ways of solve emerging challenges faced by corporates and law firms using the best of technology, process, and human capital is on the Company\'s horizon.